Friday, 9 October 2015

My Top 5 Transitional Candles For A/W!

I've finally gotten around to organising my desk space so I have somewhere to work from where I feel productive, I always have a candle on the go when working from my office as I find it helps to keep me relaxed and focused on the task at hand (or all ten of them - eep!). There's so many candles that I've been loving lately so I thought I'd share my top 5 with you that I have on desk rotation!...

Timothy Dunn Grapefruit and Bergamot Home Candle: The first thing that struck me about this candle was the packaging,  oh the rose gold lid *hearts in eye emoji - this candle looks so pretty sitting on my desk and I couldn't bring myself to burn it for ages as it just looked too good. I burnt it for the first time the other day and the scent is stunning, inspired by the lands of Ancient Greece with notes of cedar trees, olives, Grecian Lime, Sandalwood and Bergamot - this heady scent captures the feel of Greece perfectly - a land of beauty and a candle of beauty I'd say!

Jo Malone White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle: This candle was released to support dedicated charities to maintain the long term care of gardens around the country, the full price of each candle was donated. Unfortunately this candle is no longer available to buy but it's one that I still love to burn as the scent of white lilac and Rhubarb is a fantastic combination that goes so well together!

Yankee Candle Shea Butter Candle: Shea butter is one of those scents that's just such a classic, if I'm unsure of what candle I want to burn or if I don't want anything 'too' scented then I just always go back to this one as it's one of my all time favourites (one of my mums favourites too so I occasionally loose it to her as she sneaks it from my desk!).

La Montana Galan De Noche Candle: I'd heard so many great things about La Montana candle and was so happy to finally own one myself, the scents are all inspired by the founders new life in the Spanish mountains - all the candles are influenced by scents of the Mediterranean - it's so lovely when there's a story behind the fragrances. My favourite is the Galan De Noche candle with notes of Jasmine, Rose, Orange blossom and Ylang Ylang - it's a lovely fresh, crisp scent!

Yankee Candle Cotton Candy Candle: This candle has to be my favourite of the five, I currently have it burning on my desk right now and it smells so good! It's quite sweet but not a sickly scent, I love burning this candle as the scent has become really comforting to me and I find it helps to keep me focused when working.

What are your favourite candles right now? Spot any of your favourites in here?

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Memorable Two Night Stay At The Anantara, Phuket And Why You Need To Go!

Our hugeeeeeee double bed!
The best bath tub!
Our private pool - insane!
Bathroom selfie!

Taking a closer look at the room & suite options available at the hotel including; Anantara 2 bedroom villa, beach front pool villa, deluxe pool villa, deluxe sea view room & their premium room!
The restaurant all set up for breakfast!
A delicious breakfast of poached eggs, fresh fruit, granola and yoghurt and a fresh smoothie - yum!

During our four week trip to Thailand and Malaysia, me and Amy were lucky enough to spend a wonderful two days at the stunning Anantara Layan resort in Phuket, we were heading to Phi Phi after for 3 days and nights of partying so it was such a lovely way to relax beforehand! We stayed in a beautiful sala pool villa which included a private garden and pool area, complete with sun loungers and an outdoor table for dining. We spent pretty much our two days on our sun loungers and larking around in our pool taking videos on Amy's Go Pro (which I shall not be sharing with you all, soz!).

Our villa had an amazing rain shower as well as an outdoor shower and a hugeeeee bath tub, along with some super fluffy robes and towels - you can imagine we were in absolute heaven! Our villa also had Apple TV which we were so, so excited about as I had the last four episodes of Game of Thrones on my laptop which we watched on our huge TV whilst tucking into room service of burgers and prosecco, it was bliss! As for GoT I still can't believe how it ended - I was traumatised for at least two days after, all I'll say is.. for the watch *queue crying emoji!

On our first night in the hotel we dined at Dee Plee; the resorts traditional Thai restaurant, we ordered some prosecco to celebrate being on a trip of a lifetime together which was lovely! We were brought out some Thai wraps (Miang Kham) as an appetiser, where you make your wrap with fresh leaves and fill it with chilli, lime, ginger, coconut, peanuts and we had some fried squid with ours - they were delicious! We ordered some Satay Chicken and Spring Rolls with sweet chilli sauce to start and it was delicious - we were well on the way to feeling full by the time our mains arrived!

For our main dishes we ordered grilled Seabass (Amy had never tried Seabass before so I insisted she tried it as the last time I visited Thailand I had the best Seabass I'd ever eaten!), King Prawn Pad Thai and a Chicken Massaman Curry - our main course was absolutely deliciously and I'm so, so glad that we got a chance to dine at Dee Plee as the food was out of this world!

The incredible spa!...

On our second day I was booked in for a full body massage (bliss!) at the Anantara Spa - which was so appreciated as carrying a 15KG backpack around with you starts to take its toll on your shoulders! My massage started off by introducing myself to the lovely masseuse whilst she told me all about herself and her background, it was so nice to have a friendly chat beforehand rather than that awkward silence!

I opted for the Anantara Signature Massage which was a 90 minute treatment consisting of a floral foot ritual, followed by my massage which combines eastern and western techniques to stimulate the circulation and deeply relax the muscle. My therapist used a signature oil blend for my massage which was super relaxing and left me feeling so refreshed!

The Anantara Layan is set in a national park so the resort surroundings are breathtaking and unlike anything I've ever seen before, in parts of the resort you feel like you're in the middle of a jungle it's amazing! The resort is built up of 30 rooms and suites and accompanied by 47 pool villas - every room that I had the pleasure of viewing was stunning with an authentic Thai feel and modern finishes.

If you're visiting Phuket I couldn't recommend the Anantara Layan resort anymore! It's situated only 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport, it's set about half an hour away from Phuket Town so if you're looking to party and a busier scene then this isn't the place for you, we absolutely loved getting away from the hustle and bustle for a couple of days and fully welcomed our stay at the resort with open arms! A calm before the Phi Phi partying storm if you would, ha!

Have you ever been to Phuket before? If so, leave your recommendations on where to go! 

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

#TipsTuesday: 8 Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

I'm nearing my first full month of 'full time blogging' and at first I found it so hard to get into a routine to get everything finished on time and still have a social life, I always knew it would take some adjusting and a while to settle in but I feel like I've finally cracked it! Whether you're a blogger or freelance, I thought I'd put together my top tips on how to stay motivated when working from home...

1.) Set yourself up an office or a space to work so you're not working from your bed/sofa - you'll get too easily distracted.

2.) Work out your working hours, I tend to be more creative of an evening so I try to work from 10-6 or 11-7, I get up around 8 and will go to the gym, do my weekly shop or do any chores I need to before I settle into my working day.

3.) Get up, shower and change into something comfortable (not pyjamas!). Get yourself into a routine as if you were getting ready to go out for the day whether that's doing your makeup or changing into your favourite jeans, I'm always more motivated when I'm up and ready to take on the day!

4.) Create a good playlist to keep you motivated, I tend to listen to some old school r'n'b to get me going (especially on a Monday morning!).

5.) Stick to a schedule, I'm the queen of procrastination and find it hard to focus on one task at a time so lately I've been writing myself a daily schedule of what needs to be accomplished by what time so I can achieve everything I need to in one day (I'll share my schedule soon so hopefully it will help!).

6.)  Leave your phone out of reach, I put mine on charge across the room and check it at lunchtime and of an evening, if I have it near me I'm too tempted to check Instagram, Facebook, What's App (and so the list goes on!).

7.) Create an environment where you're comfortable to work from, I like to light my favourite candles, pop on some Scentered 'Focus' therapy balm and have a big comfy cushion on my work chair so I'm set up for a days work.

8.) Remember to get some fresh air or step back, whether you're working from home or an office it's important to take regular breaks, especially if you're glued to your laptop all day. I leave the house at least once every day even if it's to my local shop or a short walk for some fresh air. Make sure you eat your lunch away from your office to allow yourself some downtime. 

How do you stay focused when working from home? I'd love to hear your tips!

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