Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#TipsTuesday: 50 Festive Blog Post Ideas

Back in February I put together a post on 50 blog post ideas, with Christmas fast approaching (just over four weeks to go... say whatttttt?!) I wanted to put together 50 blog posts ideas for the festive season to help get your blogs into the Christmas spirit (unless you're a scrooge, then soz bout it!). Hoping you find this useful...

1.) Festive outfits for the party seasons
2.) Best of: pyjama sets for Christmas eve
3.) Top 30 festive buys under £30
4.) Day to night festive outfit
5.) What to wear on Christmas day
6.) How to style a LBD this Christmas
7.) Your Christmas wishlist 
8.) 3 ways to style some killer heels for Christmas
9.) Christmas lookbook - top  5 party looks
10.) Best of: pre-Christmas sales


11.) Christmas day makeup routine
12.) Top beauty gifts under £20 for beauty lovers
13.) Evening makeup look for a Christmas night out
14.) 4 quick and easy hairstyles for the festive season (glittery bows/grips etc)
15.) What's in my festive clutch bag
16.) Best beauty stocking filler gifts 
17.) Top 5 red lips for the party season
18.) Favourite fragrances for Christmas
19.) Day to night festive makeup
20.) Top beauty advent calendar picks

Lifestyle & crafts:

21.) DIY Christmas cards
22.) Christmas hamper ideas
23.) How to decorate your house for Christmas on a budget
24.) 10 simple stocking fillers that you can make
25.) Secret santa gift ideas under £10
26.) DIY Christmas decorations
27.) Christmas gift guide for her
28.) Festive wishlist 
29.) DIY wrapping paper ideas
30.) 10 inexpensive ways of decorating your home for Christmas


31.) Christmas cookies
32.) Festive hot chocolate recipes 
33.) 5 Christmas recipes for kids
34.) Xmas day to-do list
35.) Vegetarian Christmas recipes
36.) Christmas pudding cake pops
37.) Quick and easy Christmas desert 
38.) Mulled wine recipes
39.) Homemade chutney 
40.) Healthy festive desert options


41.) Top 5 festive retreats in the UK
42.) Festive day out on a budget 
43.) Travel sized beauty products for a festive break
44.) Top 10 Christmas days out in London
45.) The best Christmas markets in Europe
46.) Your travel tips over the holiday season
47.) Top 5 places to travel over Christmas
48.) Best places to ice skate in London over Christmas
49.) Clothing essentials for a festive break
50.) Things to do on boxing day in London
What are you looking forward to blogging about most this Christmas?
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

What You Think Bloggers Do Vs. What We REALLY Do!

Being a blogger has it's major pro's but also a few negatives too, it's still a fairly new industry and even newer career path, those of us who blog full time are still finding our feet as the super established bloggers pave the way for the rest of us. One thing that really roasts my potatoes is when people are quick to make judgement on my career choice or what I do and don't do with my days. 
I fully understand when people don't really get blogging and they are curious to find out what I do, but it's really frustrating when people patronise you for 'not having a proper job' or 'sitting at home all day doing nothing' - I wanted to just put right some wrongs and let you into a little insight of what us bloggers really get up to on a daily basis...
What you think we do: "Sit around all day doing nothing"

What we really do: If sitting around all day doing nothing means answering anything from 50-150 emails per day, editing pictures, typing up blog posts, scheduling in social media, coming up with new ideas for content, scheduling in content, then yeah, I guess we do nothing!

What you think we do: "Prance about taking pictures of ourselves"

What we really do: Taking pictures of our outfits/faces is a part of what we do as we're often styling an item of clothing or a new beauty. I wrote a post the other day on what it really feels like to be a blogger, talking about how we also feel self conscious, if not more so than others as it feels like we're 'out there' on the internet awaiting judgement. Also, taking pictures of ourselves is only one part of our job as a blogger, I usually only spend one or two mornings a week shooting outfit snaps and the rest of the time is spent editing, organising and scheduling. 

What you think we do: "Wake up when you feel like it everyday"

What we really do: Heck, if we got up at 11am everyday we'd never get anything done, I usually get up at half 7/8 and start my working day between 9 and 10 and work until 7/8pm - each working day is different and sometimes I'll be working until midnight, it just depends on the workload and what else I have planned for the day. 

What you think we do: "Get paid loads of money for minimum work"

What we really do: This statement is utter bullshit. I know some people do charge a lot, but that's their choice, and people often don't realise the amount of work that goes into shooting a campaign, from sourcing the location, to finding a photographer, editing the pictures and promoting the post. People get paid into the office to do 3 days work, so why shouldn't we get paid for 3 days work?
So, the point I was trying to get across in this post was that even though it's not a 'conventional' job, it's still a job all the same, we work as hard as everyone else to earn a living which is essentially what we're doing. To be able to turn my hobby into a career is a dream come true and I work hard to keep it as my job every single day. So, if you ever question a bloggers role then please take into account that there's more to our jobs that meets the eye!
Do you come up against these comments being a blogger?

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Friday, 20 November 2015

A Staple Suede Coat For Under £100 And Killer Boots EVERY Girl Needs This A/W!

 Shirt: Monsoon | Coat: New Look | Jeans: F&F Lycra Beauty Jeans | Boots: M&S | Bag: Radley | Scarf: White Stuff 

I spotted this beautiful New Look suede coat in store a while back and fell in love, the colour is ridiculously on point and the quality is second to none, priced at £99.99 I was super impressed to find a genuine suede coat for under £100. Although it's still pricey the quality is still there and to me this is very much an investment piece! (it also comes in black too!).

I opted for my F&F Lycra Beauty Jeans to wear with this gem of a coat - these jeans fit like an absolute glove, they are made with a LYCRA beauty fibre to offer an amazing fit, wash after wash! The power stretch fabric means they are super comfy and not a stiff denim that's uncomfortable to wear, priced at just £20 they are the best fitting jeans you'll get for the value!

Also, I feel we need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these M&S floral folk-inspired boots, they are super comfy and are such a statement piece, I received so many compliments whilst wearing them out in London the other day and I can't seem to stop wearing them as they are the perfect jean/shift dress companion!

To complete my outfit I wore this stunning white lace blouse (which the prettiest details on the cuff!) from Monsoon, my Radley Portman zip top bag and my personalised initial scarf from White Stuff which is super warm and snuggly - perfect for this dreary weather we've been having lately!

Have you invested in any suede pieces this season? What is your staple item for A/W?

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

17 Things You'll Understand If You've Travelled Thailand

I've been to Thailand three times now, it's one of my favourite countries, ever (hence why I've been back there twice since first visiting back in 2012!). If you've been to Thailand there's kind of a code of all the things you'll hear, learn and see whilst out there, which is why this list is for anyone who's travelled Thailand, y'all know what I'm talking about...

1.) 'Same same' or 'same same, but different' becomes a part of your everyday vocabulary when you return home.
2.) Your taxi driver's driving is so erratic you fear for your life, but the whole journey he's making jokes about it.

3.) Everyone you meet is 18/19 and on their gap yarrrrrrr - we went to Malia/Zante/Magaluf at that age to party not Thailand. Say whuttttttt? 

4.) Sang Som becomes your best friend... yay, for cheap rum!

5.) The morning after Sang Som is your enemy... it was a good idea to drink rum in buckets at the time!

6.) You own a t-shirt saying 'same, same', 'Tubing in Laos' (because you're that cultured you went to Laos OBV - I did it too ha!).
7.) You've never wanted a tailored suit less in your life.
8.) You learn to eat food with chopsticks or starve.
9.) Or you just cut the meat with a metal spoon!
10.) Everything you want to by is 'cheap cheap' or 'cheaper than dagenham market'.
11.) You'll more than likely see groups of people more than once as everyone's travelling the same route.
12.) It's comforting to know McDonalds still tastes the same in Thailand (when nothing else will cure that darn hangover).
13.) You've bought at least 3 pairs of fake Havianas, all of which have snapped.

14.)  You  know a good dinner should never cost more than £5!
15.) 7/11 is your BAE. God praise that shop for it's existence!
16.) You've never eaten so much Pad Thai in you're life.
17.) Cockroaches don't phase you anymore, you're practically roomies. 
Have you ever travelled to Thailand? Did you love it as much as I did?
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide - Best Of: Advent Calendars

Gone are the days of opening a chocolate advent calendar in December (although I still have one OBV, 25 isn't too old, right?!) - a couple of years back the beauty industry opened our eyes (and doors) to beauty advent calendars, featuring some of our most loved products. We know see the shelves stocked with luxury beauty calendars (some retail up to £250!), candle calendars, jewellery calendars and so many more! I thought I'd round up my top five calendars for the festive season, ranging from £14.99 to £79.50 so there's something for everyone! 

 My top 5 advent calendars this Christmas...

W7 Advent Calendar via The Perfume Shop: £14.99: A really affordably priced advent calendar this year from W7 at just £14.99 - the perfect calendar for any teen, young adult! Count down to the big day with this calendar packed full of lip glosses, lipsticks, nail polishes, glitter pots (great for Summer & festival season!), eye shadows, a foundation and mascara! This calendar would make a great 'starter makeup' kit for a teenager and would make a lovely gift!

Kerastase Luxury Advent Calendar - £79.50: This advent calendar is one for the Kerastase fans and hair lovers out there, admittedly it is way pricier but worth the money as it's value retails at £125 so there's a great saving involved with this purchase! Housed within the golden gift set are 25 days worth of saviours ranging from mini, travel size and full sized products!

Yankee Candle Reindeer Carousel Advent Calendar - £31.99: I'm a huge Yankee Candle fan (especially at Christmas time as their festive candles are so lovely!), in this advent calendar, everyday you'll open a taillight or Votive candle in one of 8 seasonal scents - including; Candy Cane Lane, Cosy By The Fire and Snowflake Cookie. This advent calendar is super fun and looks the part too - a great price at £31.99 and I can't wait to start opening this one!

 (Reindeer decoration from Oliver Bonas - £4)

Accessorize Polish Advent Calendar - £30: I absolutely love this advent calendar, it's super girly and the perfect pre-Christmas gift for any nail polish lover *slowly raises hand! The calendar contains classic colours and seasonal favourites including super gloss, metallic, glitter, frost and pearl polishes to keep your nails tip-top right through the festive period - a great price at just £30 too!

Avon Nail Selection Box Advent Calendar - £55: A mid-range calendar price wise coming it at £55, with an £18 saving so if you're an avid Avon / nail polish fan then this calendar is the one for you! Featuring a range of different 10ml polishes such as Gel Finish, Magic Effects Matt top coat, Nailwear Pro+, Magic Effects Diamond Shatter top coat and Magic Effects Fringe Effect Nailwear. The perfect calendar if you love experimenting with different top coats & colours, great for young adults and teens!

What advent calendar will you be purchasing this year? Spotted any that you love in this post?

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