Friday, 27 March 2015


New Creamy Lip Colors from Bobbi Brown

When Bobbi Brown launches a new product, I listen! By far one of my favourite beauty brands as everything they do just works, the go-to place for the perfect nude lip, those shimmer bricks and luxe packaging - what more could a girl ask for?! When Bobbi added some extra colours to her top three lip collections; Sheer Lip Colors, Creamy Matte Lip Colors and Creamy Lip Colors I couldn't wait to see what was on offer! I have six of the new Creamy Lip Color additions and boy are they dreamy! *inserts heart in eyes emoji*.

I have shades; 'Golden Bronze', 'Neon Pink' - the perfect shades for on holiday when you're tanned and rocking a little tousled hair/minimal makeup look and want a great lipstick to complete your look. 'Pink Tulip' and 'Raspberry Pink' - both beautiful dusky pink hues for Spring, extremely wearable and perfect for everyday looks. Lastly, 'Soft Tangerine' which is one of my favourite shades as it will be perfect for Spring/Summer and I can't wait to rock this on a Saturday night out with my girls! The creamy formula of the lipsticks leaves a beautiful soft shine - perfect for day or night. You have to check out the new additions to the Bobbi Brown lip collections and can do so here - you won't regret it (your bank might - sorry about that!)

Have you tried any of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colors? Which shades are your favourites?

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, eek!
The beautiful view from our hotel room!
Top: Boden | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Bag: Mulberry | Sunglasses: Le Specs
Cue terrified faces at the top of the Tower!

If you follow me on Instagram (@Frockmeimfamous) you would have noticed that last week I was in Paris for a few days. I booked tickets to see Royal Blood their for Rob's Christmas present, along with our Eurostar tickets as it's such an easy and convenient way for us to travel. We set off from London on Monday around lunchtime and arrive in Pareeeee about half 3, we checked into our hotel then headed out to catch some sights. Our first stop was the Champs Elysee as it was literally a five minute walk from our hotel (we stayed at the Holiday inn Paris Elysees and the location was incredible! It was only around a 15 minute walk from the Louve too so it was really central!).

We grabbed some dinner and watched the sunset on the first evening then had an early night so we were wide eyed and bushy tail for our first full day in Paris. We headed to Notre Dame first thing, which was followed by a trip to the Catacombs which was an amazing experience, albeit a little eerie (if you're claustrophobic do not go but otherwise a must see!). It was an absolute scorcher of a day (around 20 degrees - full on t-shirt weather, whoo!) so we strolled along the Seine and sat at a little cafe for a last glass of Vino then headed back to our rooms to get changed. We popped out for dinner then headed to the Royal Blood gig at the Olympia which was absolutely insane - I have so much love for that band and their performance was on point as always!

The next day we awoke not so fresh (*ahem, nothing to do with the previous night's gig!) and we headed to the Eiffel Tower, we went to the top which was a terrifying experience (cue nervous picture above) but incredible all the same, I have to admit we were so happy to when we come back down to be on solid ground again haha. We spent a lazy afternoon walking around the Louvre before grabbing an early dinner and heading home on the Eurostar.

All in all we had an amazing trip and I adore Paris, it was Rob's first time and he loved it too - we can't wait to hopefully go back someday! If you're thinking of heading to the city of love then I'd 100% recommend checking out the Holiday inn Paris Elysees as I mentioned the location was fantastic, the rooms were really spacious (we had a beautiful view of the cute Parisian streets) and the breakfast was also so delicious - they had Milka muffins... I shall say no more! It's also a really affordable option as it can be a little pricey when visiting so definitely worth a look!

P.s novelist Lady Robinson was so inspired by her time in Paris that she chose to write a book about it called 'Letters From Paris' - here are her top 5 tips on what to do if you're visiting so take note! 

1.       Stay at Hotel Villa Madame, a bijou Hotel tucked away in the heart of Saint -Germain des Prés. The rooms are designed for romance each with balconies overlooking rooftops and winter gardens.
2.       Have your croissants and coffee with the locals at Café Cassette then walk hand in hand across the Seine and through the Jardin des Tuileries.
3.       Take lunch at La Fontaine de Mars on rue Saint- Dominique. The décor is classic with original tiled floor and red and white tablecloths and the atmosphere is pure authentic Paris.
4.       Visit Musée d’Orsay. You must. Even though you won’t have time to take in much of the incredible collection of Impressionist paintings, the view through the Clock Window will take your breath away.
5.       I am a little reluctant to share Racines, the tiny romantic eatery at 8, passage des Panoramas. It’s for lovers. Go there. You will not be disappointed.   

Have you been to Paris before? What were your highlights?

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


A few weeks back I did a post on 50 blog post ideas and also 20 ideas for Instagram posts, I've been jotting down lots of ideas over the past week or so and thought I'd combine the posts together and bring you; 50 Instagram post ideas! I've divided them into five categories; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and everything else so there will be something for everyone! Enjoy!...


1.) Your latest outfit blog post
2.) High heel shoe collection
3.) What's in your bag
4.) Close up outfit details
5.) Favourite jewellery pieces
6.) How you style your favourite handbag/shoes/jewellery
7.) #OOTD - your outfit of the day
8.) Top Spring outfit picks
9.) Favourite shop/window display for the current season
10.) Your latest fashion purchase


1.) Your current favourite product
2.) The fragrance you're wearing
3.) Favourite makeup brushes (in your makeup brush pot/empty candle holder)
4.) Your latest beauty purchases
5.) Top products for a pamper evening
6.) What's on your face (#FOTD)
7.) Favourite nail varnish (#ManiMonday)
8.) The best high end, high street dupes you've found
9.) How you store your makeup
10.) Your latest haul


1.) Sunday brunch
2.) What's on your desk (your favourite notebooks, candles etc)
3.) Your coffee table essentials
4.) Afternoon tea 
5.) Recent homeware buys
6.) #Shelfie (your bathroom/bedroom shelf with your favourite products)
7.) Your favourite smoothie/juicing recipe
8.) Your Iphone/Ipad/laptop case (because we all love a good case!)
9.) #TBT/#FBF (a throwback to a fond memory/place/outfit)
10.) Favourite books to read (I love a good recommendation!)


1.) Your travel essentials
2.) Favourite city (your own snap/Pinterest etc)
3.) #TBT to your favourite place visited
4.) What's in your travel/carry on bag
5.) Some scenic city/beach snaps from your trip (go on, make us jealous!)
6.) Your travel outfit
7.) Must have beauty/skincare/haircare products for travelling
8.) The best food/shops/places you discovered whilst travelling (great tips for anyone visiting!)
9.) A snap of your passport/tickets when you're leaving! *Bon voyage!
10.) Your favourite hotel/place to stay

Everything else:

1.) Selfie (because we're all guilty of the occasional one!)
2.) A funny/inspiration quote
3.) A beautiful flower display (the iconic Liberty's one may have circulated your IG feed before!)
4.) #Regram from your favourite designer/blogger/brand (make sure you credit them if regramming)
5.) A snap of your favourite cute postcard/greetings card
6.) Your favourite band (a picture from their gig/festival or just m
7.) Post a snap of your adorable pet (because I can't resist loving those!)
8.) Your favourite hotel/place to stay
9.) Lazy Sunday snap - whether you'r brunching, shopping or planning - show us! 
10.) A #Flatlay of your favourite product/blogging notebooks/ handbag content etc

Let me know if you found this post helpful and if you'd like to see similar style posts!

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Monday, 23 March 2015


A few weeks back I blogged about my top 10 beauty must haves under £10 and whilst looking through my makeup collection I've started to notice just how many amazing high street dupes their are for high end products, and I'm talking practically the same product for a fraction of the price! I'm going to do a part 2 of this post as I'd found some amazing dupes for blushers, liners, lipsticks, brow gels etc so keep an eye out for that but for now, here are my top dupes...

I've been using the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight and contour sticks daily since I got them as they are so quick and easy to use with great results. This chubby stick is perfect for highlighting along cheek/brow bones and it's definitely a staple in my everyday makeup bag. However, for just under a third of the price the SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer is a great alternative. It can actually also be used as a Primer, so applied as a base before your foundation for an all over glow - perfect for the summer months or just dab it on normally as you would a highlighter.

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact is one of the prettiest products I own, the shimmer, shades and packaging scream luxe and it's a product I use in the summer months when I have a tan. Recently whilst browsing Boots I found this amazing dupe from SEVENTEEN for a quarter of the price, the shades aren't quite as shimmery but the similarities are incredible for the price!

I'm actually wearing the Clarins Everlasting Foundation today and have been loving it lately, it really does last incredibly well all day! Whilst trialling some foundations recently I found that the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation was a great dupe for this product as it also has great staying power and they offer a wide range of shades too!

The Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara is one of my go-to mascaras as it really volumize my lashes but also curls them too (definitely a great night out option for impact lashes!). For a more wearable daytime mascara I've been reaching for the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which also offers amazing volume and a very similar outcome for less than half the price.

My best friend bought me the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo for Christmas and I adore it! I've only used it a handful of times as I didn't want to use it everyday and get through it too quickly, I was on the lookout for an alternative and found the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit which is a great dupe - I still can't quite believe it's only £3.99! 

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is one of my favourite palettes as I just love the pinky/nude shades it contains - and the shimmers are beautiful too! I use it a lot and before it started to run out rapidly I decided to hunt down a cheaper alternative. When the Makeup Revolution Icon 3 Palette was released it was dubbed the 'UD Naked 3 Palette dupe' by many beauty bloggers and it is an amazing alternative for just £4!

Lip crayons: Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick (Fab Orange) - £4.99 / Bobbi Brown Art Stick (Hot Orange) - £19.50

Lately I've been wearing the Bobbi Brown Art Stick (Hot Orange) so much and it's definitely a new favourite shade for me by a long shot! The formula is lovely and the colour is super pigmented and I found it lasted all day! I recently spotted the Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick (Fab Orange) the other day and couldn't believe the similarities! I had to pick it up as my affordable back up for when my Bobbi Brown one runs out - if you're not looking to splash out then I'd 100% recommend the Maybelline one as it's a great product!

Have you found any great dupes lately? Keep an eye out for my second post! 

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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Last week I blogged about how to approach brands & PR companies and the post went down really well, I received lots of great feedback and lovely comments on the post about how the post has given some of you the confidence to reach out to companies when you wouldn't have before. I thought I'd do a follow up post and use my experience of working in PR and do a post on how you can make your blog more PR friendly which makes everyones life much easier and your blog more approachable to new companies!

1.) Make sure your contact page is clear and easy to find

There's been many occasions at work where I've wanted to reach out to bloggers to work with them and I can't for the life of me find a contact page or their email address! It seems silly but it's something that's easily forgotten on blogs, then it results in trawling through Twitter and social media sites trying to find an email. If their isn't a contact on their social pages then I usually tweet the blogger directly, but chances are a lot of PR's will be extremely busy and won't have time to do this - make it easier for them and have your email visible on your home page or a clear link to your contacts page.

2.) Include your name, age, location on your homepage

Again, this seems an obvious one but I can't begin to tell you the amount of times I've gone to contact someone and I can't find their name anywhere on their blog, social channels or signature of a post, it feels really impersonal to send an email without addressing a bloggers name so many companies would stray away from emailing because of this reason. Also, add your location/country so brands don't contact you thinking you're UK based when actually you live in America, it's a simple allowing brands to contact their target audience. 

Age isn't an essential one and it also doesn't have to be your exact age if you don't want to share it, '20/30 something' would work fine just so brands have a rough idea of what they're working with. If a brand is pushing an Anti-ageing cream that's designed for 30+ skin types, they may not contact you for fear of embarrassment when you reply saying that actually, you're only 25 which could lead to missed opportunities. Make it easier for them by adding any relevant information you feel may help them.

3.) Tweet/email your blog posts 

If you're working with a brand and have featured their product on your blog, always try to drop them an email with a link to the post so they're aware of the post and they can include it in their coverage. A lot of PR's won't have time to go through every blogger they've sent to and check for coverage so there's a chance your post might be missed which is not what either of you want.

However, being a blogger on the other side I understand that it's extremely hard to keep every brand/PR notified when you've featured their product as we lead busy lives too. If I don't have time to email the PR's then I tend to tweet my posts and tag the brands/PR company, chances are that way they will see the post on their social feed and they can read the post from there.

4.) Make sure you date your blog posts

This one is so important for PR's when they are putting together their coverage reports and evaluations! When I first started I didn't have a date with my blog posts and realised it was harder for companies to know when the post was actually posted, I soon changed that and it makes it easier for everyone involved. That way when companies are doing their 'April report' they can quickly and easily see if your post was actually posted in April rather than contacting you to find out.

5.) Include a link to your PR samples/sponsored post disclaimer pages

On my blog I have a page for PR samples, sponsored posts as well as a general contact page. That way if a brand is wanting to contact you to send out a PR sample or work with you on a sponsored content they will be able to read your disclaimer and check that you work with either or both, this saves time for both parties as if you don't accept sponsored posts then they won't need to email you and you won't need to reply to the email stating that you don't, it just cuts out the too-ing and frowning and makes it easier for them to see if you are suitable for their collaboration.

Did you find this post useful? How do you make your blog PR friendly?
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