Pine Forrest Candle - £6.99 | Toothbrush Holder - £4.99 | Small Wire Bronze Basket - £7.99 | Printed Tea Towel - £2.99 | Heart Paper Clips - £1.99

I've been a huge fan of H&M Home for quite some time now so I decided to visit one of their Oxford Street stores the other night after work to pick up some pieces that I've had my eye on for a while now. The marble Pine Forrest candle keeps popping up on my Instagram feed and it's so pretty I couldn't resist! I posted about how I used marble adhesive to DIY my dresser yesterday (post here) and I thought this candle would go perfectly with my dresser, £6.99 is also a great price for a candle so I snapped one up - I also have my eye on this Copper Ambience one too... currently obsessed with all things marble and copper, can you tell?! haha.

Talking of my love for copper this brings me onto my next purchase - this Small Wire Bronze Basket that I picked up for just £7.99 - what a steal! I have lots of pots and jars in my room which are perfect for pens on my desk, or my makeup brushes but I was after something a little bigger to hold my hair brushes and hair tools and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I also picked up this Toothbrush Holder which is currently sitting on my desk as a pen holder - it's the perfect size!

I spotted this Printed Tea Towel whilst in there are snapped it up for a mere £2.99 - I thought it would be a great background for blog pictures (I always think it's sad how I looks at stuff and think 'ooh that would make a great picture prop/blog background' but I'm sure my fellow bloggers are hearing me right now!). My last purchase was these super cute heart paper clips (I can't find the link online but I found them by the till point) - I was actually planning to buy them but they were just there at the till calling my name so for £1.99 it was almost rude not too!

Thinking about it, I'm not sure if buying 5 items counts as a haul but we'll go with that because I didn't know what else to call my home splurge! I absolutely love H&M home as they are so on point right now but more than that they are super affordable, I'll be keeping my eye on their new in section for any great purchases - if you're passing a store where they sell home wear then definitely pop in!

Have you picked up anything from H&M home recently?

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Like the majority us of I spend far to much time browsing Pinterest lusting over luxe interiors, mermaid hair inspiration and perfect outfits (it's not just me is it?) - and I recently put together this post  on marble finishes. I decided to give my room a little refresh and wanted to incorporate some marble somehow, I was browsing eBay and came across this Marble Self-Adhesive for £3.49 a roll and knew I had bagged a winner!

First of all I was just unrolling the adhesive and taking blog/Instagram pictures on there as it makes a wonderful background - but then I was looking at my Ikea MALM Drawers could do with jazzing up so I decided to add the adhesive on top (again, also great for blog pictures as it's a flat surface!).

The procedure took me less than five minutes, here's how:

- Turn the adhesive over (on the non-marble side) and place it against your surface of choice - mark out the edges of surface so you know where to cut to.

- Cut the adhesive down to the correct size. (I kept any leftover adhesive for blog props/pictures etc).

- Match two corners of the adhesive up on one end of the surface, then slowly unravel the adhesive to stick down. I was using one hand to pull the roll of adhesive to stick down, whilst going over the already stuck adhesive with a ruler to air out any bubbles.

Et voila, a new marble surface in under 5 minutes for less than £5 - who'da thought it, eh?!

Will you be trying this at home? I'd love to know if you go ahead and do it too!
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Bag: Hobbs | Coat: Per Una at Marks & Spencer | Jeans: Next | Boots: New Look (similar here) | Jumper: Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Ever since I picked these boots up before Christmas I have barely taken them off, I love the look of OTK books but never felt brave enough to wear them myself so I finally took the plunge and bought a pair - I got mine from New Look but they also have a really similar pair at Missguided which have a cleated sole - I love! I styled them with bare legs and a pleated skirt (eep) in this post here in case you missed it but I thought it was time to style them a little differently!

I quite often wear them over jeans as they look great and you can fit really thick socks under them too so it's perfect for the colder months - the boots actually really keep my legs warm too which is ideal! I opted for a grey roll neck jumper (it was bloody freezing when I shot this post with Emma!) and my Per Una at Marks & Spencer 'blanket' coat as I like to call it which I've been wearing tonnes lately! I didn't want to overdo the accessories so I completed this outfit with my favourite Hobbs bag, et voila


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One of my favourite lipsticks ever has to be MAC 'Lady Danger' - it's the perfect orange/red with a matte finish and I always get so many compliments when wearing it. So, you can imagine the pure joy of when I found a near identical dupe for £1.99 from 2True whilst browsing the isles of Superdrug!

I set myself a challenge of doing a makeup look for £10 (blog post coming soon) and whilst browsing I spotted this beauty and knew straight away it would be a match so I bought and and was actually surprised when I got home at just how similar they were! The MAC lipstick is really pigmented and has a matte finish where as the 2True one has a more shear finish and the colour isn't quite as pigmented so it needs a couple of layers to achieve a similar shade, but at £1.99 I think it's a great match and am so glad I picked it up as I can use this one on a daily basis and save my MAC one. 

Have you found a good dupe for a MAC lipstick that I need to check out? Will you be purchasing?
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Blogging block really is a thing and it happens to all of use, so I thought I'd put together my top tips on how to stay inspired for those lacklustre days (AKA Monday's!)...

Pinterest, blogs and Instagram...

If I'm stuck for ideas and inspiration my first go-to always seems to be Pinterest, it's great to spend time (or hours) just browsing through and jotting down ideas for future posts - you'd be surprised at how you can get a great idea from something so simple! I also love to use Instagram and screen shot any inspirational images and keep them in a folder on my phone, that way if I'm stuck for ideas or images to  take I can refer to my folder!

Other blogs are always great to take inspiration from too, lately I've really enjoyed reading more lifestyle and advice posts and have started to incorporate it into my own posts. I'd always recommend taking inspiration from others - if you like a post put your twist on it but never outright copy another blogger as it's disrespectful and just not on! If i'm looking for inspiration in blogs I always start with: Zoe, Katy and Jenny for some great lifestyle posts, AudreyEmma and Hannah for fashion, then I always turn to Kate and Sabrina for my beauty fix. I'm going to do a more in depth post on my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts to follow so I'll start gathering up my favourites!

Capture moments...

Always make sure you have a camera to hand when out and about, I don't usually carry my SLR as it's too bulky so I always make sure my phone is fully charged and I carry a portable back up charger in case I see any prime moments to snap. Whether it be some beautiful flowers, a great store layout, your burger lunch or afternoon tea filled with macaroons, or a cute house/street - it's always handy to have your phone to hand to capture these moments as you never know when it will come in handy.

I always store any nice pictures that I take in a folder on my phone for days when I haven't got much to share on my social media or really I'm just in my pjs watching copious amounts of Gossip Girl (weekends only, promise). It's always great to have pictures to look back on as it might spark a blog post idea! You've taken a picture of your lunch so why don't you blog about your top 5 places to eat/brunch in London (said area), or you stumbled across a cute boutique so why don't you put together a guide of your favourite places to shop - the ideas are endless and you'll often find inspiration when you aren't looking for it!

Creating a space to work from...

Last year I made the jump to work part time and take blogging and freelance work up two days a week,  since making this decision I knew I had to create an office space to work from in my room as I wanted to feel like I was getting up and going to work almost (doesn't quite have the same effect working from your bed!). I blogged about my office space here but expect to see an updated post soon!

I've recently revamped my little office area which I'll be sharing soon, I've added lots of postcards and quotes to the walls to keep me inspired (picked up from Etsy and Paperchase), I also keep any new magazines, glossys and catalogues in my desk drawer so I can flick through them if I feel like I'm lacking ideas one day. I also popped up a chalk board above my desk for those lightbulb moments (on those rare occasions that they occur, haha.)

Make notes...

I always keep a notebook or my phone on my bedside cabinet as I always find I'm super creative or bursting with ideas really late at night (helpful!) so it's good to have something to hand to jot down my ideas. The other night me and Rob were in bed and I was typing away in my phone putting down ideas for blog posts at gone midnight... crazy woman! Sometimes you just have those moments though where the idea comes to you and it's best to write it all down to get it out of your head so you can relax then come back to it another day with a clearer head ready to turn it into a post.

 Take a step back...
I find this so important being a blogger, sometimes you get so wrapped up in producing content and forever coming up with new ideas it all becomes a bit much and that's often when I find the blogging block comes along - when you're trying to force the ideas out. It's great to take a step back, whether it's a hot bubble bath to indulge in a good book or taking some time off (don't worry people aren't going to think you've fallen off the radar if you take some time off blogging - it does you good and you're readers will always support your decisions). 

What are your top tips on staying inspired? I'd love to know!
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As the weather has gotten ridiculously cold this last week I thought I'd pull together my top 5 winter wardrobe staples so you can see what I turn to during the nippier days and how I style my favourite pieces! *P.s Yes, I was freezing in the picture above but the scarf didn't go with the coat I was wearing that day #FashionBloggersProblems at it's finest, non?


I spotted this scarf last year and wanted it for so long but never got around to buying it, I popped it on my Christmas list and look what Santa surprised me with! I adore this scarf as it's so long I can wrap it around and snuggle right into it - there's nothing worse than having a cold neck. The colours in the scarf are so lovely and this is my go-to scarf as it seems to go with most of my coats, ideal!


I know this is pretty self explanatory but I love how this scarf is so big (blanket size) it also doubles up as a handy wrap if you're arms are cold, talk about getting your moneys worth - winning!


Oooooooh, the pastel blue bobble hat with the fluffiest pom pom - the absolute dream! I spotted this hat in River Island and fell in love - the hardest part was deciding which colour to pick as they had a lovely pale pink, lilac, black, grey and in all honesty I wanted them all! I opted for the blue but for just £13 I'm tempted to get the pink one too as I get so much wear out of it.


I was doing a little spontaneous shopping before Christmas (handy) and picked up these boots and have worn them so much since! I wasn't 100% sold on over the knee boots at first and thought they weren't really 'me' - but I bit the bullet, bought some and absolutely love them. They look great over jeans and also with a skirt and tights, I picked this pair up from New Look but they only have really limited sizes left but these Missguided ones are exactly the same and only £45! Will you be joining the OTK club with me? Go on, you won't regret it!


This coat though!! *Inserts heart in eyes emoji* - how cute? I spotted this in store the other day and knew I couldn't leave without it, I love the faux fur collar, the checked print and the loose boyfriend fit, perfection! It's one of the coats that are great for this time of year as it has a nice warm collar and as it's a loose fit you can fit lots of layers underneath, it's not a thick coat but more like a jacket so it will be great for spring time too as the weather starts to warm up.

What are your winter wardrobe staples? 


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