Saturday, 3 October 2015

#FallForMe Fashion Show At The Mall, Camberley

Me and the gang!

Last Saturday I was invited down to The Mall in Camberley to take part in their A/W catwalk show to showcase the latest trends available at the centre. I was asked to be a fashion expert alongside the lovely Faye from Scarlett and Me blog, together we picked out 24 outfits based arounds current trends from participating retailers such as Primark, House of Fraser, Monsoon, Blue Inc and a few independent boutiques situated within the mall.

A week prior to the event I headed to Camberley to meet Faye so we could pick out our outfits for our models, it was a challenging task as we'd never met our models so on paper we had their size and age but no idea of their dress sense etc, also my models were fairly young with most of them being teens so was difficult to dress in trends I would have normally put adults in. Me and Faye accepted our challenge though and went full steam ahead with picking out our outfits and had a great day.

On the day of the show I took my BFF with me for moral support as this was my second public speaking event in the last month (I recently went back to my college to give a talk on blogging to the students!) and I was so nervous! The MC Lucy who was on stage with us was so lovely and made it a really fun event. We did two catwalks, one at 12 and one at 2pm, the first one we were all a bit skeptical as none of us knew what to expect but by the afternoon catwalk we all had a great time!

Me and Faye each dressed our group of models and took it in turns to talk through our outfits including key pieces, price, retailers and any trend inspiration. We also finished the show with a male and female style wars where we had to dress our models in an outfit for under £50, Jay's came in at £45 and Tessa's £50 exactly. The audience got a chance to vote and Faye's model won - I have to say I loved Olivia's outfit though, check out the pictures below as she had the most amazing trench coat on from Primark at just £25 (might have to buy it!). 

Check out some pictures from our day...

Lucy introducing me and Faye to our audience, eeeeeep it's showtime!
Talking through our outfits - love this French Connection khaki shirt dress!
Mine and Faye's evening looks - one is more party wear and the other more sophisticated, I'm a huge fan of both of these looks!
Holly working a laid back evening look, I loved this French Connection skirt - perfect party piece!
Ohhhhhhh Jay and Carl, where to start! These two boys made my day, they were absolutely hilarious and danced their way down the catwalk, I couldn't stop laughing (whilst trying to explain their outfits to the audience, oops!) - great entertainers!
Giselle wearing a stunning metallic dress from Primark (at just £12!) - perfect for the festive season! I had NO idea what to put Giselle in as I've dressed a 9 year old but I loved her A/W look!
My boys; Henry, Ben and Adi rocking their 'back to school/college' looks!
Me and Faye on stage with the lovely Lucy!
Jay rocking his budget look - the whole outfit came in at just £45, all from Primark!
Mine and Faye's style wars outfits!
Me and the lovely Faye from Scarlett and Me blog!
Me and my boys - such a great bunch and an absolute pleasure to work with!
A huge thank you to The Mall in Camberley for asking me to take part in your fashion show, it was a great day! A special thank you to both Sarah, Kim and Joanna for your support (couldn't have done it without you guys!), thank you to the lovely Faye for being a great blogger companion and of course my wonderful models - you guys rocked it! <3

Which outfit was your favourite? What trends are you loving for A/W?

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*This post was in collaboration with The Mall in Camberley but I genuinely had a great day and all opinions as always are my own!
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Friday, 2 October 2015

A Day In The Life Of... ME - Being Shadowed During LFW & Featured On The Primark Website

 Wearing: Roll neck, pinafore dress, over the knee boot, ring and bracelet - all Primark | Bag: Kurt Geiger | Watch: Daniel Wellington | *All images by Holly Mcglynn

On the Saturday of London Fashion Week I teamed up with Primark who followed me around for a couple of hours to find out what I get up to during a typical day of LFW. Fresh from the Markus Lupfer backstage and presentation I met up with the beautiful Primark girls and the super talented Holly Mcgylnn who was shooting my images. I worked with Holly last year during LFW and she's an incredible photography so make sure you check out her work!

I absolutely loved wearing Primark to LFW, I had so many compliments on my boots and it gives me such a thrill to tell people they were just £22 from Primark - such a bargain!! I also received lots of comments on this stunning courdory pinafore dress which cost me only £13, my friend recently ordered one exactly the same from Topshop for £39 and she was gutted at how similar they were!

I picked out this deep red lightweight roll neck jumper (for £5 can you believe?!) as not only is it my favourite shade this season (hence the lipstick!) but it matched my Kurt Geiger croc tote bag perfectly! I absolutely loved working with Primark again this season as it's so nice to mix affordable fashion with higher end pieces, the best part is when people tell you it looks expensive and you know how much it really cost!

If you want to take a look at my feature on the Primark website, you can do so here - I have to say it was such a proud moment to see the article on the site, I've always shopped at Primark and it's such a big deal for me to be working with a brand I love so much, and one which is also loved by millions! I still have to pinch myself when I see myself on there, thank you to the wonderfully Holly for the beautiful shots and again to Primark for featuring me on your blog!

What do you think of my Primark outfit? Which item is your favourite?
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Look Back On September & My 5 Goals For October

It feels like September went by in a blink of an eye, I genuinely can't believe it's October already - we're fully heading into Winter with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas all fast approaching! I thought I'd take a moment to look back on the month and what goals I set myself to see what I'd achieved, I also thought it would be great to finalise some October goals to work towards!
Last month in one of my #TipsTuesday posts I blogged about how to set yourself achievable goals which included my 5 goals for September, so here's a look back at what I set myself...

1.) To book a solo trip - I'm in the process of booking a trip to Barcelona, just finalising the details this week, whoo!

2.) Print my business cards and start up my freelance business - I designed and ordered my cards yesterday and am now a full time blogger - YAY!

3.) To work with at least five brands that I've never worked with before - This month I collaborated with Nike, Warehouse, Ann Summers, Krispy Kreme and Ted and Muffy who I have never worked with before.
4.) Dye my hair an exciting shade - appointment booked in (meeeeeeeep!).

5.) Book a gig to attend before the end of the year - I booked tickets with two of my girlfriends to see Modestep and Everything Everything in November which I'm so excited for!
I'm really pleased I managed to complete 3/5 of my goals with the other two in process of being completed but just finalising some bits off for those then it's all go! September really was a wonderful month for me, filled with personal achievements, lots of time for my friends and some exciting changes - here's an overview of some accomplishments this month...

- The beginning of September saw me turn 25!

- I went back to my old college to give a talk on blogging (I was nervous as hell but really enjoyed it and felt so proud of myself for doing it!).

- I went on a wonderful overnight spa trip in the New Forest with Sen Spa which I'll be blogging about soon (spoiler - it was incredible!).

- I took part in an A/W fashion show at The Mall, Camberley where I was asked to be a 'fashion expert' and put together my top looks for autumn and dress the models.

- Me and my best girlfriends have booked a trip to Paris which I can't wait for!

- Primark followed me around for a day of LFW and run a 'day in the life of' feature which I am so pleased with - I was so happy with how it came out! I'll be sharing a post on it this week but feel free to take a look at the feature in the meantime!

- Me and the beautiful Yani launched our monthly collaborative feature; #SneakerStylingSessions which was so much fun to shoot over LFW with Amber, keep your eyes peeled for next months!

Phew, so I think that was pretty much an overview of September, now onto my goals for October...
1.) Re-decorate my office space
2.) Book a trip/event with my family and spend more time with them
3.) Reach 16,000 followers on Instagram
4.) Start my Christmas shopping (say whattttttt?!)
5.) Finalise a super exciting plan I have for next year that I can't wait to share with you all!

What are your goals for October? I'd love to hear your achievements from September too!

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Back To Work Outfit With Blue Inc

 Blazer: Blue Inc | Faux leather leggings: Blue Inc | Slip on pumps: Blue Inc | Bag: Kurt Geiger | Shirt: River Island | Lipstick: Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in 'Under My Spell'
September is that time where we are all heading back to work/school/college so I though I'd put together an outfit inspired by this time of year, now that I'm blogging full time around 3 days a week consist of me working from home in some kind of comfy ensemble and I usually spend two days a week in London at meetings and events - so this is the kind of outfit I'd wear for one of my 'working days' in London.
I went for some high waisted faux leather trousers as I'm a huge fan of leather look trousers and this pair did not disappoint - for just £17.99 they were great value too! I prefer to wear leather look trousers rather than just jeans as they add a little more sass to your outfit (*inserts sass emoji!). I paired the trousers with this monochrome blazer which is great for office attire as it's a really lightweight fabric and will work layered over a button up shirt or roll neck jumper.
These slip on pumps are great for everyday wear as they are so comfy and a great dupe of Vans-style slip ons for just £12.99 - *if you are going to order them I'd go a size up as I ordered a 6 and found they were a tiny bit smaller than what I'd usually wear! I completed my outfit with my favourite Kurt Geiger red croc tote bag and some matching Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in 'Under My Spell'!

What are your back to work/college staple pieces for this season?
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

#TipsTuesdays: 8 Ways To Blog On Little/ No Budget

1.) Originality and ideas don't cost a penny: Sit down with a notepad and jot down some ideas of what you'd like to blog about, originality doesn't cost anything - you can come up with unlimited ideas to blog about for free which is important to remember when blogging. Earlier this year I put together a post of 50 blog post ideas if you're looking for inspiration, or I recently purchased this 365 Blog Topic Ideas book for around £10 which is also a great source of inspiration to keep your ideas flowing consistently!

2.) Save where you can: If you are determined to purchase the latest palette/ lipstick to write up about then save where you can, I have a beauty card for Superdrug, Boots and Debenhams so I can build up my points when I am shopping, always keep an eye out for 3 for 2 deals too!

3.) Buy affordable props: Places like Primark, Tesco, Homebase, Debenhams and Wilko are all great for budget props - whether you're looking for a cute pineapple dish or a pretty candle for the those background props then start with the more affordable shops and you'll be surprised at what you find! Also, buy props that can be re-used, I purchased some faux Peonies from eBay to save me buying fresh flowers every time I wanted to shoot!

4.) Maximise your content where possible: If you shot a really great outfit post that you featured on your blog, maybe take a look back over the pictures to see if you can re-use any images, maybe you loved how you styled your hair that day so use the snap for a 'how I style my hair for Autumn post' or some head shots for a more personal/lifestyle post. Re-use where you can to save yourself extra work.

5.) Brainstorm: When I'm slacking with ideas I take a step back from my laptop, I'll pick up a notepad and head to my local coffee shop or even just away from my office and brainstorm about what I've recently been enjoying reading and what kind of posts I'd like to publish next, once you get the ideas flowing they won't stop!

6.) Teach yourself: There are so many tutorials on YouTube now on how to edit your videos, how to use your camera, how to code your blog or even to use Photoshop - gain all the knowledge you can from the internet and improve your skills for free - it will improve your blog and quality of work ten fold!

7.) Be inspired for free: I'm constantly turning to Pinterest and Instagram for free inspiration when I'm feeling a little lost, Pinterest is a great source as you can build up your boards and start to work out what content you'd really like to push. I recently did a post on the 10 things you need to know about using Pinterest which is worth a read if you're a newbie!

8.) Invest wisely: So many people think they need the latest camera, software, laptop etc etc to be a good blogger - you don't. As long as your content is fresh and interesting and you can take a decent picture you're halfway there already. I started my blog by taking pictures on my iPhone, then upgraded to a point and shoot, then a Canon 600D but that's been over a couple of years so don't just splash out straight away. If you are looking to invest in a good camera, I genuinely can't recommend the Olympus Pen enough - I bought it for myself before I went to Thailand and it was the best £400 I've ever spent!

What are your top tips for blogging on little/no budget?

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