Last year I put together a post on my office space in my room (here), I thought it was about time I showed you an update on how it's looking now - with a few snippets of the rest of my room thrown in for good measure! The walls in my bedroom are all white and I have a monochrome theme running throughout with splashes of colour, primarily being blue and rose gold. I decided to create an 'office space' in my room so I have somewhere to work and seperate myself, I've started to create a feature wall (it's coming along nicely), where I'm compiling my favourite postcards, quotes and cards from loved ones. I've also recently put up a shelf which is currently housing my baby Cacti (from IKEA), a couple of current reads and a lovely Liz Earle candle.

On my desk I try to keep the space quite minimal and un-cluttered as I find it easier to work, I have a cute succulent plant (doubles up as a great Instagram prop!), a pen pot (which I picked up in H&M for just £4.99!) and a couple of scattered candles to help me relax when working.

Next to my office space I have my drawers (IKEA Malm), which the top two drawers house my makeup and beauty products - I'll do a full review on how I store them soon! As there's a lot of white in my room I wanted to jazz up my drawers and decided to cover the top with a marble adhesive, I did a full post on it here if you want to take a look at how I did it. It cost me less than £5 and it makes a great background for blog pictures and it has a really sleek finish - I love it!

On my bed I currently have some of my favourite cushions scattered on there to add some colour into my room! (turqoise cushion: Wilko, zig zag cushion: Debenhams, monochrome cushion: IKEA). I currently have some plain white bedding on my bed from House of Fraser, I opted for plain white so it went with the rest of my room then I added some colour through cushions and my beautiful faux fur throw from John Lewis. I'm also a huge fan of the bed linen from Yorkshire Linen as it's great value for money and they have a wide range of products!

So there we have it, my bedroom update! As i mentioned I'll be doing a full beauty storage post soon so keep an eye out for that! What do you think of my room update?

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This is a topic that I've wanted to address for a while and I read an article the other day that triggered a deep anger in me and it's time we put a stop to body shaming, no matter your size - we are all beautiful and it's about time we helped build each other's confidence rather than knocking people down. During fashion week a PR company called Taking Shape set up 'skinny bird watching', where their team dressed up as bird watchers and took to the cobbles at Somerset House to 'skinny bird watch'. When I read this article I couldn't believe what I was reading, the company have had a severe backlash from this campaign which they claim was 'in jest', It was meant to be a light hearted campaign which has back fired, fair enough we all get it wrong from time to time but I just feel the message behind this campaign is what unsettles me most. 

Why are we trying to out 'skinny girls' like it's a bad thing? For years people have thrown around words carelessly about each others figures; 'fat', 'anorexic', 'chubby', 'too thin' and it's time to ask ourselves why - why is it okay to judge people for the way they look? To call them names and make them feel self conscious? I have friends who are naturally a size 6 and have confidence issues because they don't feel womanly enough, on the other hand I have friends who are a size 16+ and feel like they aren't sexy and overweight. It's about time we ask ourselves, does size really matter? To me, it doesn't. Many people have walked into my life of all shapes and sizes, and it's their personalities, their souls that leave a mark on my life, not what clothes size they wear. 

Heck, why do we even torture ourselves about clothes sizes?! In one shop I'm a size 10, but another I'm a 14 because the god damn blouse won't do up over my boobs (this makes me feel bad about myself and so I don't by the blouse). It's time that we learn to love ourselves and each other, no matter what size we are, because after all size is just a number - it doesn't define us. Everyone needs to stop outing people for being 'too fat' or 'too thin' because it isn't our place to be the judgement of that, be kind to people and help build their confidence so they can love themselves regardless of their size!

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My poor attempt at the 'challenge, oops!

When The Trainline got in touch to ask me if I'd like to take part in their #BeatTheBooking challenge I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and go for it as it sounded really fun and unlike anything I'd ever done before! The challenge I was given was to try and put 10 jumpers on in 22 seconds, my initial thought was 'great, can't be too hard, surely?' surely?!

Definitely not - I completely underestimated this challenge and how hard it would be, it was so funny to try and complete and I was barely putting on my sixth jumper when my stopwatch hit the 22 seconds, a fair attempt (trust me I filmed this six times and this was the best I got, humph!). So here, is my entry but read on below with full T&C on how you can enter your #BeatTheBooking '10 jumpers in 22 seconds' entry, oh and did I forget to mention there is a £200 ASOS voucher up for grabs, woop!

How can I enter? All you need to do is film yourself attempting to put on '10 jumpers in 22 seconds' (trust me it's so much harder than it sounds!) and upload it to a social media platform - either Facebook, Twitter or TouTube. Make sure you hashtag #BeatTheBooking and also tag @TheTrainline so they can see your entry. Et voila, you've entered! The prize for this challenge is a £200 ASOS voucher and you have until the 6th of March to enter - I suggest you line those jumpers up and get filming!

Why 22 seconds? You can book a train ticket on the Trainline app in just 22 seconds (speedy, huh!) so the purpose of the series of challenges is to see if you can complete the task quicker than you could book a ticket, genius!

What if I don't win? If you don't win, fear not as The Trainline have 3 more challenges to unlock and the prizes include tickets to the NME awards, a 12 month Spotify premium membership and  a fitness tracker, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next challenges and enter away! You can see the full T&C and next challenges here.

If you complete this challenge, please send me a link to your entry as I'd love to watch it. I have faith that it is possible to complete but I need to see it to believe it, have you got it in you to #BeatTheBooking?!
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*This post was in collaboration with The Trainline - all opinions are, as always my own and honest.
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Jumper: Wallis | Trousers: Wallis | Sleeveless coat: Missguided | Shoes: Wallis | Bag: Mulberry | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Today I'm bringing you my last outfit of London Fashion Week - I skipped day three and four but went along for the last day. I attended the Emilio de la Moreno show with my blogger babe Josie and spent some time hanging out at The Apartment catching up with some lovely bloggers and having some yummy afternoon tea from Aubaine (I'm talking donuts, macaroons and mini profiteroles - it was delicious!).

I opted for heels on my last day of fashion week and these cut out Wallis one are my current favourite - they are super comfortable (I'm not a natural heel wearer!) and I managed to last all day and only changed into my trainers for the train home... hurrah! For my outfit I went for some wide leg trousers from Wallis - currently loving wide leg trousers and I currently stand at owning four pairs, clearly a bit obsessed right now! They are super flattering and look great for casual daywear looks or dressed up in the evenings.

I paired my heels and trousers with this Wallis navy jumper and Missguided camel sleeveless coat to  break up the dark colours. To complete my outfit I went with gold details and wore my Mulberry bag and Daniel Wellington watch! P.s you can get 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch - just use the code 'Frockmeimfamous' at the checkout! 

What do you think of my final outfit for the last day of #LFW? Until next season! 


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Sunglasses: Le Specs | Bag: M&S | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Perfume: Estee Lauder Modern Muse | Phone case: Iconemisis feather iPhone case | Lipstick: Tom Ford 'Lips and Boys' in shade Orlando | Lipgloss: Clarins Instant Light Lip Protector  | Lip treatment: Fresh 'Honey' Sugar Lip Treatment | Hand cream: Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream
Yesterday saw the end of LFW and what an amazing season it's been, I had an incredible time coverage beauty looks backstage, watching shows, catching up with some blogger pals and celeb spotting - roll on next fashion week! I thought I'd put together my 'fashion week handbag essentials' to show you what I pack in case you're planning on attending next season!

First up I packed my trusty notebook so I could jot down any trends spotted or contacts made, I also had my apartment brochure and card to gain access. I popped my Le Specs sunglasses into my bag and surprisingly I did get to wear them as it was quite sunny at times. For two of my outfits I wore my Daniel Wellington as it's such a classic design and I was wearing gold detailing on both days and it went perfectly with my outfits!

I kept my Estee Lauder Modern Muse handy at all times to have a mid day spritz, it's the perfect handbag size and it rarely ever leaves my bag - I also get so many compliments when wearing this fragrance, it's honestly one of my favourites! For my lips I took the Tom Ford 'Lips and Boys' in shade Orlando lipstick which is the perfect nude shade when paired with the Clarins Instant Light Lip Protector over the top for added shine. If my lips where drying out or chapped I kept my Fresh 'Honey' Sugar Lip Treatment in my bag, it was also pretty much the same shade as my lipstick which was so handy!

I also had a mini Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream in my bag as I've been suffering with such dry hands lately which really isn't a good look, so in between shows and dashing around I was often applying this! My current phone case of choice is the Iconemisis feather iPhone case AKA the 'blogger phonecase' - I can't tell you the amount of bloggers I've met who also have this case, but it's just so pretty! 

What's in your fashion week bag? Any essentials I need to pack for next season?


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Jacket: French Connection (I found an exact dupe on ASOS for £50 here!) | Trousers: French Connection (matching ASOS trousers for £35!) | Shirt: *Forever 21 | Bag: ASOS | Trainers: Adidas Stan Smiths | Watch: *Daniel Wellington

For day 2 of London Fashion Week I always knew I was going to wear this beautiful pastel blue French Connection two piece suit as it was love at first site and I couldn't wait to rock something a little different! I originally planned to pair it with these beautiful Missguided monochrome loafers but after the blisters I'd obtained on day 1 (no, I wasn't even wearing heels) I had to have four plasters on each foot and trainers were the only option. Although I was fairly happy about this because not only would be feet be snug but I'd also get to wear my new zebra print Adidas Stan Smiths that I'd ordered from Very a few days before and luckily they arrived just in time for LFW!

I wanted to keep my top simple so I picked up this lovely roll sleeve white shirt from Forever 21 for just £14 which is such a bargain! I popped to a haberdashery shop a few days before and picked up some black ribbon to tie around the shirt - I thought this would add a nice twist to the outfit. To complete my outfit I added this incredible box bag which I picked up in the ASOS sale for £50 (it's such a great size and I love the handles) and my classic Daniel Wellington watch which I can't stop wearing at the moment as the design is timeless and it goes with everything! P.s you can get 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch - just use the code 'Frockmeimfamous' at the checkout! 

Also, I was just browsing the ASOS new in section and spotted this pretty much exact dupe of my  French Connection suit for less than half the price! A definite investment for Spring I say! 

What do you think of my outfit for day 2 of LFW? Do you prefer it to day 1's outfit?


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