Tuesday, 1 September 2015

#TipsTuesday: How To Set Yourself Achievable Goals & My 5 Goals For September

First things first, HOW is it September already? Summer was over in a blink of an eye and autumn is practically upon us, on the plus side September is my birthday month and there's also fashion week so lots of fun to be had and planning to do. Fresh from Thailand and Reading festival this weekend there is so much to catch up on blog wise, I need to get my butt in gear with replying to emails and organising my life in general. 

This month is going to be another busy one so I thought I'd set myself some goals and do a post on how I plan to achieve them, I'm a huge fan of making lists (it's a Virgo thing apparently!) and it's always a great feeling to get things ticked off and set yourself new goals! I wanted to put together a few pointers on how to set yourself goals and achieve them...

Be realistic, but don't undersell yourself: When planning goals always set something that will enable you to push yourself, but at the same time make sure that it's a realistic goal that you can achieve. I.e always think about can you achieve X goal in Y amount of time? Or is your goal going to set you back £XX that you need to save up for before you can do it? Why not plan yourself 5 goals for this month but 20 that you'd like to achieve before 2015 is over - that way you can work out how best to achieve them in the timeframe you've set yourself.

Keep your goals visible: I recently created a vision board that I have on display in my office so everyday when I wake up I look at and can start my day with a purpose, it's great to be reminded of what you're working so hard to achieve. If you're not a creative person and don't want to create a vision board then why not buy yourself a blackboard and note down your top 5 goal and hang it on your wall so you can see it every morning and start your day being inspired by your dreams.

Always strive for more: If you found your goals a little too easy to achieve this month why not push the bar next month and add one or two that are out of your comfort zone - remember... "In any given moment we have two options; to step forward into growth or to step back into safety."

Here's a look at my personal goals for September:

1.) To book a solo trip which I'll go on before the end of the year (thinking Barcelona, thoughts?)

2.) Print my business cards and start up my freelance business (eeep!)

3.) To work with at least five brands on my blog that I've never worked with before

4.) Dye my hair an exciting shade (setting some plans in motion as we speak and I can't wait to show you all!)

5.) Go to a gig / or book one to go to before the end of the year

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars" 

What are your goals for this month? I'd love to hear what you're aiming for!

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Favourite Beach Outfit From ASOS - #AsSeenOnMe

Bikini: Top and bottoms | Shorts: Similar here | Kimono: ASOS | Sandals: ASOS | Hat: ASOS | Sunglasses: Similar here and here

I’d wanted to return to Thailand for quite a while but we only actually booked our flights just over two weeks before we were due to fly so as you can imagine it was a last minute panic of scheduling blog posts, getting our jabs, picking up all our essentials and of course - outfit planning like crazy! I’d been after a nice black bikini for ages that actually fitted (damn having bigger boobs - I can’t just pick up a size 12 top and bottom set as it just doesn’t work for me!), I saw this one whilst browsing on ASOS in their fuller bust range and knew straight away that I needed it for my holiday.

I loved the fact that I could buy the bottoms separately to fit my clothing size and the top fitted so well - I absolutely adore the mesh detailing and also the second strap that ties underneath is also such a nice touch. It was such a staple piece that I got so much wear out of! To feel a little less naked I opted for this gorgeous lace kimono to cover my arms and make my beach outfit a little more resort friendly when wondering around our hotel. I also opted for these beautiful orange beaded shorts - they were the perfect beach cover up but also doubled up for great evening wear paired with a racer back vest top and some stacked bracelets!

My favourite item of this whole outfit probably has to be these amazing Quay Australia sunnies which I wore pretty much relentlessly the whole trip - they went so well with everything and also photographed really well (they also hid a multitude of sins when we were extremely hungover and had barely slept - winning!). This giant floppy hat was a must for those days where I wanted to sit in the sun but keep my head in the shade (which was most days as it was either too hot or we were  hanging and it’s not about heat stroke when you’re hungover!).

I also wore these lace up sandals pretty much everyday on our trip as they were so, so comfy and went with every outfit. They were so easy to wear, for £22 I’ve already ordered another pair as mine have now sadly seen better days after a month of constant use (including wearing on the beach and dancing in the rain). 


What do you think of my ASOS holiday outfit? What are your holiday staple pieces?

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Holiday Beauty: My 5 Desert Island Products

When it comes to holiday beauty I tend to keep my regime pretty simple - especially when you're lugging it about on your back, it's best to only take the necessities. I'm happy to take key products but I like to make sure they are some of my favourites that do the job well rather than taking lots of products. I wanted to put together a post on my top 5 'desert island beauty products' that I couldn't have been without this trip - here goes!…

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair SerumI absolutely adore this oil, we used it everytime we washed our hair during the trip - as it’s quite rich you only need a couple of drops each time, just comb it through the ends of your hair and let the shiny, healthy locks dry before your eyes!

Davines Oi Shampoo: This award winning shampoo aims to offer extra shine, softness and body which for me is the perfect recipe for holiday hair. My hair normally stands the sun quite well but can be quite dry so this shampoo was perfect for my trip as it restored some life into it!

Davines Oi Conditioner: I took this conditioner as one of it's main aims is to speed up the drying process of hair, throughout the whole month I think I blow dried and straightened my hair twice when we were going for fancy meals. Other than that I usually just spritz some salt spray and leave it to dry so this conditioner was the perfect partner for this use - it also left my hair feeling super soft too!

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess PerfumeThis perfume gives me life. Sweet, summery goodness - if all your happiest summer memories could be rolled together and turned into a perfume then this is it! I’ve written about this perfume a fair few times now but I’ll never not love it - it’s the perfect summer scent, I took a 30ml bottle away for the month which we used daily, I have about a quarter left but I’ll be repurchasing at my first opportunity as I love it so much!

Davines Hair Refresher: This hair refresher was a perfect pick-me-up for the days in between hair washing days, the formal is a lightweight mist so your hair doesn't feel bogged down which I find you can get with some dry shampoos. This product left my hair smelling so good and it felt as though I'd just washed it - safe to say there's none left after our trip away, the perfect travelling companion!

What are your holiday beauty essentials? Spot any of your favourites in this post?

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

#TipsTuesday: How To Take A Good Holiday Picture For Instagram

If you've been keeping up with my travels of Thailand and Malaysia on my Instagram account or through my hashtag; #FMIFTravels you'll see that I've been uploading daily snaps from our trip (sorry for the spam - I have so many pictures I want to share with you all!) - we are currently en route home to Heathrow as I've scheduled in this post for another 30 hour trip, *sob. I love taking holiday snaps, whether it's a palm tree shot, an outfit of the day/evening or a typical beach shot - I thought I'd share my top tips on how to capture a good holiday shot for your feed!

Think about the composition of the image: Think about what it is you're shooting and how you want to shoot it, if you always shoot your images from straight on or a view from above then mix up your composition to vary it a bit. The other day I wanted to get a good palm tree shot from below so I had to lay on the floor to get the shot - queue some odd looks from holiday - goers, all for that shot though, eh?!

Break up the grid: I always try to break up my 'holiday grid' so it's not all blue skies and beaches, I try to get a bit of colour and variation in there whether it's a poolside flat lay, my outfit for the evening or a scenic snap, try to break up the colours and layout so it doesn't get too repetitive for your followers. 

It's okay to edit your images: I've spoken about my favourite app Afterlight which I use for Instagram before, it's a great way to up the contrast and saturation (a good one for holiday snaps to up the blue in your pictures!) and also to brighten images and make them look cleaner. I rarely post a picture without making a few tweaks first - a good app really makes all the difference to your pictures!

Are you off anywhere this summer? Let me know so I can follow your holiday snaps!
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Monday, 24 August 2015

Why The Manathai Hotel Is The Prettiest Boutique Hotel You'll Find In Koh Samui

During our first week in Thailand me and Amy were fortunate enough to spend three nights at the Manathai hotel in Koh Samui. Based on Lamai beach - which is a great area for families and young travellers but isn't the hustle and bustle area of Chaweng beach. It has a much more laid back vibe and is only a short ten minute ride to the bars and clubs if you do want to party (which we decided to do, on all three nights - eep!).

When we arrived at the hotel the lovely staff greeted us with a traditional Thai welcoming which was a really nice personal touch. With five restaurants, two swimming pools and a serene decor - the hotel was visually pleasing on the eye and made a great first impression, we couldn't wait to discover our room and the rest of the hotel!

I have to say our room at the Manathai was my favourite during our four week trip, the room had so much character and looked like it belonged in a Malibu beach home - from the four poster bed to the free standing bath and luxe, colourful prints decorating all the furniture - every part of the room was so beautiful! I absolutely loved the colour scheme and found the hotel had a really quirky feel and so much thought had been put into the decor, on first impressions I was so impressed with our room!

Dress: Glamorous via ASOS | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: New Look | Headband: Topshop | Belt: Primark 

One night we headed into Chaweng beach to spend the evening bar hopping (I'm going to do a post on where to eat/drink in Thailand so I'll include all my top tips in there) - and I decided to snap my outfit. I found this Glamorous via ASOS dress so easy to where whilst away as it was so comfy but could be easily dressed up in the evening. I added my plaited belt around the waist to give it more of a silhouette and opted for my lace up ASOS sandals which I've worn pretty much all the time since being away as they are so comfy! My New Look tassel bag completed the look along with my Topshop beaded headband.


If you're heading to Koh Samui, I really recommend checking out the Manathai Hotel if you're looking to stay in Lamai, the hotel, decor and staff were all incredible and our stay was one I'll never forget. If you're wanting to look into pricing and dates for your stay at the hotel you can do so here!

Have you been to Koh Samui before? Would you love to stay at the Manathai?

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