By day: Editor of Frock Me I’m Famous, serial shopper & procrastination queen

By night: Netflix addict, lover of rum and attempting to dutty whine!

Hayley Loves: Cats, wine, festivals, fulfilling my wanderlust and a good Pornstar (Martini that is!)


By day: Cosmopolitan magazine's Junior Features Writer, with a penchant for Tupac and travel

By night: Usually drunk-buying earrings and some kind of leopard print garment on eBay. Always a nice surprise when the goods arrive a few days later though, eh?

Loves: Tequila, books, Drake's face and re-watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch (only seasons 1 to 3 though)



By Day: I worked in Fashion PR for over four years and have now moved over to the world of Jewellery PR, forever in search of London’s perfect Eggs Benedict!

By Night: A love of eating at new restaurants and a penchant for dressing up and going on a date. However, if the GBBO is on, then I’m busy. Obvs.

Becky Loves: Far too obsessed with Minnesota, Kate Spade and anything to do with the West Country (rugby players and cider included!)


Hayley F

By day: Financial PR consultant in London and living by the seaside in Essex

By night: Makeup maven, travel obsessive and foodie

Hayley Loves: American holidays, cats, city breaks, bright lipsticks and handbags!




By day: Hair and makeup artist, HD brow stylist and manicurist living in sunny Essex.

By night: Sometimes a beauty obsessed Essex girl who loves a good night out (or in).. Sometimes a bare faced cooking obsessed bookworm.

Amy loves: Red lipstick, travel, Daschunds, music, late nights and early mornings.



By Day: Visual Merchandiser

By Night: Blogger @ www.kate-louise.co.uk

Kate Loves: Drinking Copious amounts of Gin, filthy jokes, travelling and People watching


Hayley S

By Day: Manager at a government welfare to work provider, we are employed by the government to integrate people with mental health issues, physical health issues and criminal records back into society.

By Night: A single pringle, independent freelance writer and traveller.

Hayley Loves: Travel (OBV), Food, Creativity, all things Scandanavian, Photography and Dachshunds. I really want me a Dachshund.


By day: I'm a stay at home mum to 4 crazy, wild, beautiful children. 3 of which all came in the same year and they aren't triplets (figure that!), dog walker, life coach & therapist!

By Night: Sleep. Actually that's not true, chance would be a fine thing. I actually work as an Eyelash Extension Stylist, specializing in volume lash application.

Susie Loves: Family, Food and alcohol..  Pretty much in that order!