A Digital Detox In Cornwall With Boutique Retreats

How I benefited from a digital detox in Cornwall with Boutique Retreats and my top five tips to enjoy yours!...

Back in June I took my dad and step mum to Cornwall for the weekend for their birthdays and oh my god it was bloody wonderful; we were blessed with the hottest weekend (HELLO UK HEATWAVE), we laughed until our cheeks hurt, we sunbathed, we explored and just general had the V best time. I wasn't *intentionally taking a digital detox but it just kind of happened, it wasn't until it happened that I realised quite how much I needed the break!

Earlier on this year I was looking for beautiful locations in the UK to take my parents away for their joint 60th birthday, I wanted somewhere in the UK that we could easily reach, somewhere with an edge of luxury, but somewhere that still felt like home! That's when I stumbled across Boutique Retreats; a website that aims to build the bridge between boutique hotels and traditional holiday cottages - I have to say that on first impressions and browsing their website, this was the EXACT vibe I got from Boutique Retreats!

The properties they advertise are truly stunning, I stumbled across Mebyn Cottage whilst looking for somewhere to stay in Cornwall and it was absolutely love at first site! Even just from viewing the property online I knew my parents would just love it! Nestled by Holywell Bay and Crantock, Mebyn Cottage was the perfect home away from home for us! The second we arrived we couldn't wait to explore the rooms and the house properly, after a six hour drive we poured some wine and sat in the garden to soak up the last of the evening sunshine, it was pure BLISS!

Our cottage was in the most PERFECT location as it was no further than 45 minutes to some of the destinations we'd planned to visit including Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel and Port Isaac. I'm honestly ashamed to say that at the ripe ol' age of 26 it was actually my FIRST EVER visit to Cornwall (shocking, I know!), but OHMIGOD it absolutely won't be my last - I was taken aback by the sheer beauty (and the fact that it's just a six hour drive from us!). We spent our long weekend exploring cute coastal towns, sipping on cider in the sunshine, taking long walks, eating scones with cream and sunbathing on the stunning beaches.

Oh, and the best part about our location? We had very little signal and it was absolutely IDILLIC! I hadn't had a break from the interest/social media for quite some time and didn't realise how much I'd craved it until we were there! It was so nice to switch my phone off and really soak up some the stunning scenery and share some quality time with my parents which I don't actually get to do that often. All in all, we had the BEST weekend and Cornwall.. I promise I'll be back!

Where we stayed: Mebyn Cottage, Cornwall via Boutique Retreats 


1.) Switch off! - Gahhhhhhh it's SO hard as a blogger to go away and completely 'switch off' - most of our job is online based and it tends to run 24/7, there is no real 'offline' time but that's all the more reason why you have to MAKE time for it. Make sure you switch off your phone or turn off your notifications at least, and really spend some downtime.

2.) Schedule - If you're also a blogger then make sure you've scheduled in your blog/YouTube/social media content over your trip and RELAX! Don't worry about scheduling tweets or posting to Instagram, your following love you for you and they aren't going to hold it against you if you take some time off; in fact - they'd probably encourage it!

3.) Enjoy your time offline - A follow on from point 1, make sure you really enjoy your offline time. It's so hard as a blogger to not feel guilty for being online or active on social media; sometimes I won't post on Instagram for nearly a week but if that's what works for you, then do what's best!

4.) Go explore! - Now you're well into enjoying your digital detox, go explore, see the world! Find cute coffee shops and incredible view points, enjoy a cold glass of wine in the sunglass or lie in the grass. Take time to really soak in your surroundings now your head isn't buried into your phone!

5.) Book again - I always like to have something to look forward to, whether it's a mini break, dinner with the girls or a festival. Once you've had your digital detox, I always find that I come back so inspired and determined to work so much harder. But I also like to look forward to the next thing, no matter how big or small. It's almost like you can start looking forward to your next break/detox!

Have you ever had a digital detox? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Do you have any tips for switching off and relaxing offline? 

*A HUGE thank you to Boutique Retreats for hosting us during the perfect stay at Mebyn Cottage!


    • Hayley 10th August 2017 / 10:38 am

      It really was so lovely – the perfect country retreat! 🙂 x

    • Hayley 11th August 2017 / 4:12 pm

      It was so stunning 🙂 x

  1. Peta 10th August 2017 / 12:17 pm

    Oh what a beautiful place to stay! I’m originally from Cornwall and can’t help but fall back in love with it every time I go back for a visit to see friends and family. I love your detox suggestions and reaaaally need to plan a digital detox sometime soon. It’s so bloody hard though, I am a complete internet addict and in a long distance relationship, so maybe penciling one in when I’m with my other half would be the best idea!
    Lovely photos, and well done for switiching off my love! Not an easy task at all. I totally agree that followers would probably be very happy if bloggers took time to themselves rather than resent it!
    Peta x

    • Hayley 11th August 2017 / 5:31 pm

      No way love, I absolutely ADORED it there – such a beautiful part of the country! 🙂 I completely hear you love, I’m forever checking my phone but really need to learn to have some downtime, this was honestly the best excuse! 🙂 x

  2. Amy 11th August 2017 / 4:03 pm

    I am well overdue a digital detox – I need a nice break with no signal haha! This cottage looks absolutely dreamy, the decor is lovely – I love all those mirrors on the wall!
    Amy xx

    • Hayley 11th August 2017 / 4:31 pm

      Oh love it was SO nice to just get away for a few days and completely switch off! 🙂 It’s so lovely isn’t it?! Our cottage was stunning! x

  3. Gabrielle 11th August 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Okay, well this place is 100% Instagrammable – from the white brick wall in the bathroom, to the copper lighting on the bedside table. WOW! Great point about switching off, going offline and exploring – it can be so refreshing!!


    • Hayley 12th August 2017 / 11:10 am

      Isn’t it just lovely?! It was SO incredible! It’s so important to get the online/offline balance! x

  4. Cat 12th August 2017 / 6:20 pm

    Just found your blog today, absolutely love your style and the vibe you have going here! Definitely going to keep reading!


  5. Emma 13th August 2017 / 10:47 am

    I had a mini-digi detox when I went to Rhodes this year, but I still hit the old Twitter & Instagram every so often … I’m a total addict!

    I’m lucky to live near some fantastic walking spots where there is no signal at all so going off to places like these give me life some days.

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  6. Kate winney 14th August 2017 / 12:29 pm

    Well this sounds heavenly!
    It’s so easy to get sucked into the world of social media, especially as a blogger. I find it so hard to switch off because I see it as work. I’m heading home back up north at the weekend and am thinking of attempting a digi detox because I think it would benefit me and my mental health so much!
    Great post lovely xx
    Kate 🙂

    Such a great post lovely.
    And it all rings true with so many people. Just keep doing you (your Instagram content is literally slaying life atm) be proud of what you’ve achieved so far – which is a lot FYI. It’s so easy not to recognise your own progress so listen to the outsiders looking in. The growth you’ve made has been amazing and the content you’re creating is bloody brilliant!
    Kate x

  7. Alice 15th August 2017 / 5:29 pm

    It looks gorgeous, what a wonderful retreat!!! Plus you were less than an hour from me on the other side of Cornwall! Blimey, 6 hour drive though, bahhhh!! I forget how lucky i am to live here! Alice xxx


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