Kicking Off National BBQ Week With Echo Falls

How to enjoy some Echo Falls wine with your BBQ this Summer!



So, when I say kicking off the week what I really mean is it's still Monday in my head - who's with me?! HOW does that happen, bank holiday comes along, lots of fun then BAM it's Tuesday but I still think it's Monday... or maybe it's just me.. getting old.. LOLZ. Anywhoooooo, as of yesterday this is officially national BBQ week which is a littleeeeeeee bit exciting! My favourite thing to do in the summer is have a BBQ, invite the girls over or catch up with the fam, lots of good food, LOLZ all round and some good vino, good, right?! BBQ's to me are what summers in the UK are truly made of (well, that and rainy festivals too!), talking of rain, I'm sitting here writing this post and it's absolutely chucking it down outside - not an unfamiliar site here in England! However, we are set for some banging sunshine this weekend soooooo let's keep our fingers crossed for some BBQ-worthy weather to celebrate!


So, in true celebration style, Echo Falls have put together some tips on how best to enjoy their wine with your BBQ this Summer!

TIP #1...

Try this irresistible but simple twist for Echo Falls White Peach & Mango Fruit Fusion (RRP. £3.95, Tesco)  - pour 70ml of the Fruit Fusion into a large wine glass, add 20ml Elderflower cordial, stir and top with soda water.

TIP #2...

To avoid your wine becoming watery, try freezing berries instead of using ice cubes. Freeze some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries  and add to your  glass of Echo Falls Summer Berries Fruit Fusion (RRP. £3.95, Tesco)

TIP #3...

This is actually a tip of my own (hopefully that's not cheating) but I just wanted to share how I include a lovely drop of Echo Falls into my BBQ! My favourite wine has to be the Echo Falls White Zinfandel, I mix have a glass with half ginger ale and add a strawberry to the glass (or pop a couple in the drink and let them soak up the fizz!) - this is how I served the drinks this weekend during our girls BBQ, you have to try it!



How do you drink your wine with BBQ's? Do you prefer to take it as it comes or mix it into a jazzy little spritzer/cocktail? Here's to hoping the weather turns around this weekend!


*This post was in collaboration with Echo Falls but as always all opinions are my own and I am a genuine fan of Echo Falls and have always been!



  1. Erin (@makeerinover) 31st May 2016 / 10:11 pm

    If I end up drunk trying these I am blaming you entirely haha 😛 Love the tips though, I never think of doing anything with wind other than just drink it as it comes, will need to control myself and try something different 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • Hayley 7th June 2016 / 7:12 pm

      Haha sorry love! Definitely try it though! 🙂 x

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