#IAmMe – Who Are You? #Ad

I am me, even when I don't like what I see.. but ask yourself, who are you?


Today I woke up and I didn't like myself.

I knew I was being hard on myself, the morning after a 13 and a half hour flight was never going to be pretty. The jet lag was kicking in, I was tired, I was groggy and most of all, I didn't like me. 

I looked in the mirror and was annoyed with myself, I felt fat and frumpy, my skin was dull and swollen, my hair was greasy, why hadn't I tanned? or freshly painted my nails? Probably because I'd spent the majority of the day before in transit, I knew that. I knew I was being unfair to myself, too hard on myself.

Yet still, we all have those days. Those meh days when we don't like ourselves or what we see. 

I sharply told myself to snap out of it. To be kinder to myself. I ran myself a hot bath, soaked away those negative feelings. Popped on a hair mask, shaved my legs, full body tanned, painted my nails and changed into a shirt and my favourite jeans. I looked in the mirror and felt 100%'s better already. 

I told myself that beginnings of the week are days to be used for positivity, for setting up the week ahead, for making a change, not for negative attitudes or feeling bad about myself. 

After all, I'm sassy and confident, I am independent and run my own business, I am kind and thoughtful, I am loving and forgiving. But most of all, I am me. I was not about to let myself put me down over something so cynical. Yeah, I was having one of those days. But we all have 'those days'.

I wasn't about to loose sight of the fact that I am everything I want to be, because I am me.

Which leads me to tell you how I got here, to writing this post, I'm wholeheartedly supporting the Evans #IAmMe campaign, designed to showcase plus size girls who are incredible, they are talented, they are independent, they are beautiful, they are everything they want to be and more. In this industry, why should we let our clothes size or how we look define who we are? We shouldn't thats why! We are all incredible, sassy ladies and we are us for a reason. 

You can watch the Evans #IAmMe video here - which I'd highly recommend you do for a little motivation this Tuesday morning. Maybe you're having a meh day too, maybe it's time to turn that frown upside down girl, because YOU are amazing - don't ever forget that!

May we empower, not compete, we are all amazing in our own ways! There are no rules, there are no limits… because#IAmMe!<3 


*This post was sponsored by Evans, but all opinions as always are my own.


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