Lip enhancement: my journey

Live treatment footage, before & after shots and what to expect from the procedure!...

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A couple of weeks back I took a trip to the Viva Skin Clinic in Old Street for a lip enhancement treatment, I wanted to share the procedure (yes, I filmed it, sorry if you're squeamish!), I'd always been curious about lip procedures so when I was contacted by Viva Skin Clinic I got myself booked in for treatment. I've always had a slightly 'flat' top lip and wanted to see a bit more definition and plumpness so I decided to go for it, partly for myself, partly because I wanted to cover the procedure on my blog.

I wanted to know if the treatment hurt, what the aftercare was like and if the treatment made much difference. I kept thinking if it was something I were to book in for myself, what would I want to know? So I took myself and my notepad along to my procedure and grilled Dr Rupert Critchley who did my treatment so I could share the results with you all.

If you're considering getting your lips done, I really hope you find this blog helpful, I can honestly say the treatment didn't hurt at all, it felt slightly uncomfortable and that's all. The results were instant, and although subtle, I was really, really happy with the outcome. If you're thinking of getting your lips enhanced, the best piece of advice I can offer you is do your research into a good clinic and doctor, ask any questions you need to feel comfortable enough to go ahead, it's always great to see before and after pictures of the work carried out at the clinic to ensure you're at a good practice. 

I would highly recommend the Viva Skin Clinic, I went to the clinic based in Old Street as it's close to where I live in Angel, however, they do have other clinics in Putney and Bournemouth also! For a small volume plump at Viva Skin Clinic, expect to pay £239, and £349 for a volume boost. I had the 0.5 injection which is a subtle plump, I would advise to start small and build up, I'm actually heading back to get a touch more in mine over the next few weeks. 

Remember, you can add to them but you can't undo it if you have too much put in (don't panic as the treatment only lasts 6-9 months anyway so it's not the end of the world!). I'm heading back to the Viva Skin Clinic soon and will be filming a Q&A with Dr Rupert Critchley, so please leave any questions you have on this post or on my social media so I can get the questions answered for you in my next blog!


Do you have any questions on the procedure, after care or pain? Leave a comment below and I'll get them answered by Dr Rupert Critchley!


*I was offered lip enhancement treatment in return for coverage on my blog and YouTube channel, as always, all content and opinions are my own.


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