A letter to the woman who continues to inspire my life on a daily basis & vote for your Modelled by Role Models with Panache!...



Dear Amy,

Today is International Women's Day and I want to take some time to tell you how much I love, appreciate and adore you!

You walked into my life 13 years ago and it was hands down the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I truly believe that in our 13 years of friendship, you are more than a best friend to me. You are my sister. My soul mate. Never have I met someone that I've felt so 'in sync' with. Sometimes I don't even need to say anything, you just know what I'm thinking, feeling or about to say. And that's so precious to our friendship. In the words of Jerry Maguire himself.. you complete me.

People will walk in and out of our lives but I know that no matter what happens, you'll be there until the very end. We'll be those little 85 years old sitting on the beachfront eating ice-cream (standard) and remising about our years of friendship.. and still causing mischief no doubt!

You've been there through the very best times of my life, to the very worst. And visa versa. I genuinely don't know where I'd be without you.

We've been through so much together, and whilst I could spend all day listing our best and worst memories that we were both fortunate to share together, to be each others rock when we needed it. I wont, because we both know the hardships we have faced, but we fought those battles together. Me and you, hand in hand, against the world. Because, with you by my side, I can achieve anything, as can you. 

What you feel, I feel. When you cry, I cry. When you smile, I smile.

You are always in my thoughts, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about you. How lucky I am that you're my best friend, how proud I am that you're pursuing your dreams, how much I miss you now that I've moved away from home, how I can't wait to move back to Essex to be reunited. 

Never have I met two friends as close as us, and I cherish our friendship everyday. Just as I cherish you, and I wanted to take some time out to thank you. 

To thank you for being by my side, for when I'm shining my brightest, and for when I'm lacking a little sparkle and when need your support and love.

To thank you for some of the best memories of my life, from spending the summer travelling the world, to my best festival moments, working together from the age of 14, spending countless Sundays hungover and crying with laughter (whilst simultaneously contemplating life).

To thank you for walking into my life 13 years ago, you've made my life a brighter place with a ray of sunshine like you around. 

And most importantly, to thank you for being you!

The one true thing that I believe in life, is that everything happens for a reason. You were meant to walk into my life all those years ago, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the most incredible lady by my side.

Love you Miss Lawrence!

Mercutio xo



So, I've shared my role model with you; my best friend Amy - she inspires me on a daily basis to be a better person, she pushes me to chase my dreams and not let them just be dreams, she's the kindest most beautiful person I know, both inside and out.

But, the real question is, who inspires you? Who makes your life a better place just by having them around? Panache are looking for their next Modelled By Role Models girl - could it be your lady? As it's International Women's Day the voting has opened today and will close on the 3rd of April. There will be 15 finalists that would have been shortlisted (I hope your special someone makes it, I'm nominating Amy as I write this!). I love the idea that Panache are offering real ladies that inspire us a platform for everyone to witness their awesomeness!

Last year Panache created a Modelled by Role Models video using businesswomen, model & sports fan Marquita Pring, Marquita is telling her story about why there's so much more to her than just how she looks!


Ladies, you have 26 days to nominate your role model which you can submit here!


Ladies, please take a moment today to tell a special lady in your life how much they mean to you. Whether that's yourself (I recently wrote a post on how important it is to show ourselves the love we deserve!), your best friend or your mumma. Take some time to tell those closest to you how much they mean to you, as today we are celebrating each other; our strength, our beauty, our courage and our love… Happy International Women's Day!


*This post was in collaboration with Panache for International Women's Day, all opinions and words are my own. 

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  1. Teresa 8th March 2016 / 11:30 am

    Made me cry at work

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