#TipsTuesday: 10 Ways To Spend Your Internet ‘Down Time’

Being a blogger, naturally I spend a lot of time online, whether it’s drafting content, answering emails or posting to social media – the internet is a 24/7 game and whilst I love my job and what I do, it’s so, so nice to step away from it at the end of the day and enjoy some downtime! Although sometimes when I do turn my back on the internet I find it really hard to relax, I always feel anxious that I haven’t done enough work, should I have replied to that email? Answered that blog comment? Scheduled one more post?

It becomes a viscous cycle as I went to Spain last week for a break and whilst I had the most incredible trip I had the worst nights sleep ever as I just couldn’t switch off and kept panicking that there was stuff I’d left unfinished. I wanted to put together a list of my top 10 ways to wind down whether you’re having an internet free evening or going on holiday, it’s so important that we relax and look after ourselves, so here’s how I achieve it…

1.) Run a hot bubble bath – My ultimate way to relax and de-stress is to run a hot bubble bath, shut the door behind me and leave my worries and stresses on the other side of the door for at least half an hour. Make a playlist or read a book and chill out! My favourite products to use are Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress range, their de-stress mind bath & shower oil works a dream!

2.) Make IRL plans – It sounds silly but sometimes when I’m glued to my laptop/phone constantly you almost forget to make actual plans with actual people. You know IRL. I always make time for visiting family (especially both my nannas!) as well as regular nights out/in with my girl friends, and spending time with my mum and blogger pals. If everything gets too much just step away from your work and head out to dinner with the girls so you can laugh and catch up!

3.) Catch up on some effortless TV – Sometimes it’s nice to watch something that’s super easy and doesn’t require any use of your brain capacity. The other day I was having ‘one of those days’ where the work just absolutely wasn’t flowing so I decided not to force it and just spent the evening catching up on Gossip Girl, it was so nice to have some time away from my laptop! My favourite series to watch are Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl and The Walking Dead!

4.) Reward yourself – Set yourself goals but remember to reward yourself, as I’m self employed there isn’t anyone to pat me on the back and say well done – not that you should ever expect to be rewarded for your hard work as after all that’s the reason you go to work, to excel and do well. It is nice sometimes though to think right I’ve achieve ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ this month so I’m going to treat myself to a new lipstick or notebook to be thankful for pushing myself. 

5.) Stay on top of your schedule – This one to me is really important as if I’m on top of my work and have planned ahead then I find it far easier to relax, if everything is building up and I’m behind that’s when I struggle to enjoy down time as I feel guilty when work is unfinished. Utilise your time, stick to a schedule, smash out your work then grab a blanket, some hot chocolate and watch your favourite film – think if I achieve ‘X’ today then I get to have some time off this evening. 

6.) Spend time with loved ones – Last Friday night I didn’t have any plans and luckily my bestie finished work early, I was having a really bad day (just one of those where everything just goes a bit wrong!), so she came over armed with 2 bottles of wine, a massive hug and some pizza and we had the best evening, we laughed so hard we cried and it made me feel so much more myself again!

7.) Get a good nights sleep – The. Most. Important. Thing. Ever!! Especially when you’re trying to be productive and have a busy day planned, make sure you get a good, well rested nights sleep then you’ll feel much more prepared to tackle the day ahead. If I’m tired I’m as useless as a chocolate tea pot, I need to be on top of my game! I always keep a This Works deep sleep pillow spray next to my bed and spritz it on my pillows before I go to sleep and it always helps!

8.) Enjoy some pamper time – I always try to set aside an evening where I have a complete no internet/social media rule once a week, where I can pop on my favourite PJs, have a bubble bath, enjoy a face mask and hair mask, paint my nails (and all that jazz us girls do). It’s so nice to look after yourself and it always makes me feel more polished and better about myself.

9.) Schedule ahead – I always try to schedule a week ahead (hindsight is a wonderful thing though eh?), I always feel better about myself and my work when I’m on top of my game, then when new work comes in I can spend more time thinking about the brief and how I want to shoot it etc. When I’m having a desk day of catching up on emails/posts I always use my Focus Therapy Balm to help me concentrate which massively helps!

10.)  Find a good distraction – ladies there’s a certain someone who currently has a lot of my attention but I’ll tell you more about that soon (eeeep!).

How do you enjoy some internet down time? Any tips I can try?

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  1. Erin Russell 15th December 2015 / 1:44 pm

    I love the Lost Ocean colouring in book, sounds lame but its nice to just switch off and spend a few hours colouring. I do this at night when my son is in bed, watching TV 🙂


  2. Lacey Jayne Clements 15th December 2015 / 10:33 pm

    Hayley, I really enjoy reading your blog…its so interesting and I can see you spend time planning your posts…its great!! I am trying to plan ahead and think of what to post as I work full time so its hard to squeeze it all in but i'll get there…thats for the great inpso

    Lacey xx


  3. Jess W 18th December 2015 / 2:21 am

    This is a great full of very important tips – thanks for sharing! It's easy to get caught up on the internet (especially when on social media) and sometimes you forget to involve yourself in activities that don't require an internet connection.


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