#TipsTuesday: 10 Tips On How To Start A Blog

Hoping to start a blog, but not sure where to start? I’ve rounded up my top 10 tips when starting one, covering the basic points such as picking a name for your blog and working out which platform to use, hopefully this helps you get started…

1.) Find your niche: Think about what you want to read and produce, is there a niche in the market for a certain type of blogger? Find your niche and run with it – remember to keep your content fresh and original to stand out from the rest.

2.) Pick a name: Come up with a name for your blog, try to pick something memorable and a little different! I’ve lost count of the amount of people who tell me they always remember my blog because they love the name/it’s different – make sure it stands out!

3.) Create your social media platforms: Set up your social media platforms (hello free promotion!), I’d recommend starting with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and as time progresses if you want to expand then YouTube and Pinterest are great channels to be a part of. 

4.) What do you want to write about? Travel? Beauty? Advice? Fashion? Interiors? Work out what you want to write about, do you want to be a beauty blogger or cover various topics? Think about what route you want to take with your content then head down that path!

5.) Think about your aesthetic: Do you love super colourful images? All white? Masculine? Super girly and pink? Think about how you want your blog and imagery to look – you’ll notice a lot of successful blogs have a clear aesthetic or ‘style’ – define your style and keep it consistent. 

6.) Work out a feasible schedule: If you work full time don’t pressure yourself to blog everyday because it’s not always feasible and puts far too much pressure on yourself which quite quickly takes the fun out of blogging! If you want to work to a schedule and blog on a Monday, Thursday and Sunday then go for it or if you just find it easier to blog as and when you have something to blog about that’s also fine. It take a while to work out what you’re able to achieve without compromising too much work/social time!

7.) Who is your target audience? Are you targeting a younger audience aged 15-18? UK based or overseas? Mums? Work out who you’re trying to reach when publishing your content, it’s always great to understand your followers to define what type of content they would want to read.

8.) Stay organised!: The key to keep on top of your blog is to stay organised, whether you schedule your content a week in advance, or write out to-do lists (one of my favourite tasks), stay organised to know when you need to shoot your pictures, edit them, publish content etc!

9.) Engage with your audience: One of the key factors to running a successful blog is engaging with your audience, I take time out to reply to all of my comments whether it’s on my blog or social media because I want my followers to know that I value their opinions and I always welcome what they say with open arms, constructive criticism will only ever help you move forwards not backwards!

10.) Get blogging!: Get started! Sign up to Blogger/Wordpress or your chosen hosting site and once you’ve decided on your name, get blogging. At first it’s so daunting because you’r forever worried about the fact that no-ones going to read your posts or that your pictures aren’t good enough – there will be a million worries when your first start publishing content but just get started and the rest will fall into place!

Do you have any tips for beginners on how to start a blog? 

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  1. Ambar Syed 23rd November 2015 / 4:56 pm

    Lovely tips – I'm new to blogging and am working on growing my audience! It takes a lot of patience, but I love having my own space to share thoughts on the internet 🙂
    – Ambar x

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