An Overview Of October And 5 Goals For November

Soooooo, HOW is it November already?! I’m really not quite sure how that happened, I feel like I say this every month but one minute I was spending four weeks in Thailand and the next minute there’s just over 7 weeks until Christmas, eek! I thought it was about time I took a look over last months goals and see how much I’ve achieved…

October goals:

1.) Re-decorate my office space: I re-vamped my office space by adding some new postcards, popping up some polaroids and buying some fresh flowers so I’m currently really happy with how it looks! I’m moving back to my dads in a few months which is currently being renovated so there will be a massive office/bedroom haul!

2.) Book a trip/event with my family and spend more time with them: I’m in the process of booking a trip with my dad, stepmum and brother in January but we have pinned down some dates and are finalising a location! We are thinking Marrakech for some winter sun, thoughts?

3.) Reach 16,000 followers on Instagram: I did it – whooooo!

4.) Start my Christmas shopping: I bought my first Christmas present the other day for my best friend, it feels surreal how quickly Christmas is coming around as I don’t feel as prepared this year but I’m glad I’ve at least made a start on my shopping!

5.) Finalise a super exciting plan I have for next year that I can’t wait to share with you all: I’ve been working away on this plan and will be revealing it to you guys in January (after a hella lotta prep work!).

This past month saw me take a trip to the south of France (you can read all about my adventure here – I had the best time and met some amazing people who I’ve kept in touch with and now feel blessed to call my friends!), me and Yani published our second #SneakerStylingSessions in collaboration with Warehouse and Nike which you can read here.

I headed to Manchester for the first ever time for a meeting and decided to stay the night and explore the city, it was another solo trip and I put together a city guide of the best parts, I went to watch the Lion King in theatre with my best friend and her sister as they bought me tickets for my birthday (it was insanely good and if you haven’t been then you need to!), and I was also fortunate enough to shoot with Jay McLaughlin – you can check out both of my outfit posts here and here!

Now, my five goals for November;

1.) Spend more time with my family (time goes by far too quickly for my liking so this is my priority for this month)!

2.) Start watching The Walking Dead – my friends keep on at me to start watching it, have you seen it?!

3.) To shoot and edit my Christmas gift guide – it’s always such a mammoth task, but a fun one all the same!

4.) Do some illustration/creative work.

5.) To take/book a spontaneous trip/event.

What are your goals for this month? Do you set yourself regular goals too?

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