17 Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Travelled Thailand

I’ve been to Thailand three times now, it’s one of my favourite countries, ever (hence why I’ve been back there twice since first visiting back in 2012!). If you’ve been to Thailand there’s kind of a code of all the things you’ll hear, learn and see whilst out there, which is why this list is for anyone who’s travelled Thailand, y’all know what I’m talking about…

1.) ‘Same same’ or ‘same same, but different’ becomes a part of your everyday vocabulary when you return home.

2.) Your taxi driver’s driving is so erratic you fear for your life, but the whole journey he’s making jokes about it.

3.) Everyone you meet is 18/19 and on their gap yarrrrrrr – we went to Malia/Zante/Magaluf at that age to party not Thailand. Say whuttttttt? 

4.) Sang Som becomes your best friend… yay, for cheap rum!

5.) The morning after Sang Som is your enemy… it was a good idea to drink rum in buckets at the time!

6.) You own a t-shirt saying ‘same, same’, ‘Tubing in Laos’ (because you’re that cultured you went to Laos OBV – I did it too ha!).

7.) You’ve never wanted a tailored suit less in your life.

8.) You learn to eat food with chopsticks or starve.

9.) Or you just cut the meat with a metal spoon!

10.) Everything you want to by is ‘cheap cheap’ or ‘cheaper than dagenham market’.

11.) You’ll more than likely see groups of people more than once as everyone’s travelling the same route.

12.) It’s comforting to know McDonalds still tastes the same in Thailand (when nothing else will cure that darn hangover).

13.) You’ve bought at least 3 pairs of fake Havianas, all of which have snapped.

14.)  You  know a good dinner should never cost more than £5!

15.) 7/11 is your BAE. God praise that shop for it’s existence!

16.) You’ve never eaten so much Pad Thai in you’re life.

17.) Cockroaches don’t phase you anymore, you’re practically roomies. 

Have you ever travelled to Thailand? Did you love it as much as I did?

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  1. Emmajane. 19th November 2015 / 2:27 pm

    Thailand is on my bucket list of places to travel to in my lifetime for sure! So many amazing fruit festivals and stunning cities! Sounds crazy hash! X

    Bomber jacket lovin' over on –

  2. Jenni Tomalin 20th November 2015 / 12:06 pm

    I absolutly love Thailand! I've travelled all over. No other road beats that of the loud and colorful Khaosan Road in Bangkok, mental! However by my forth week all I wanted to eat was a Big Mac, haha! Loved this post brought back some great memories for me xx

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