#TipsTuesdays: How To Create A Productive Schedule And Stick To It

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I’m now nearing my six week stage of being full time and whilst I’ve been loving every minute of it, it’s honest been a whirlwind! I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground and initially I struggled with managing my work load. I’d sit down at my desk and think right I’ve got to take my blog pictures for this weeks posts, type them up, schedule in, answer emails, do my admin, schedule my social media and woahhhhh…. queue panic stations!

I kept looking at the bigger picture of all the things (ever) that needed to be done and it’s really easy to freak yourself out and shy away from the tasks at hand as you just don’t know where to start and then when you do start you feel so overwhelmed you feel like you’re getting no-wehre! After to weeks of panicking and trying to work like this I knew I needed a completely new approach…

One Monday I sat down and wrote myself an hourly schedule in my notebook, ripped the page out and stuck it to my wall and followed it. It was hard to know how to allow myself for set tasks as I’m fairly new to all this planning malarky so I think it will take me a week or so to fully understand how long I’ll need to complete each task.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelance or even find that you can apply a schedule to your day to help you be more productive, then I hope you find this helps!…

1.) Prioritese: It can be really overwhelming when you have all of the things to do, but sit down and write a list of all the tasks you need to complete, then re-write them in numeric order of importance, once you know your 5 most important tasks that need to be completed whether it’s editing pictures of publishing a post, you can then work out what tasks need to be completed first.

2.) Be realistic: When you have a lot on it’s easy to say I’m going to complete 8 tasks today, but in fact one task from start to finish can take 3 hours. Allow yourself to do your tasks well and set aside a good amount of time for each one, it’s better to do 3 tasks well and whole heartedly rather than rush 8 and not be happy with the outcomes or quality of work.

3.) Keep it visible: I like to keep my daily list on the wall above my desk so I can remind myself of what needs to be done and my time limits for each task, some people prefer to write their lists digitally on a laptop or phone, find what works with you and run with it.

4.) Set yourself goals: Whether it’s daily or weekly goals (I have daily goals of what I’d like to complete) so you can stay on track and get through your work effectively. I like to spend Monday and Tuesdays writing up and taking pictures for my posts that week so it frees up the rest of my week for meetings, events and creating content. Work out what you want to achieve in your day and dive in!

Do you have a schedule that you stick to for maximum productivity? Any top tips?

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