A Gift Just Because… I Love You! Taking Some Time To Give Something Back

Even though I share a fair bit of personal stuff on my blog there are sometimes things that happen in our lives that really make us take a step back from the rat race or whatever it is that’s got you stressed out and think; wow, I’m lucky to be alive, healthy and surrounded by people I love. In the last couple of years, a few life changing events have left me appreciating my friends and family more than ever, sometime it’s so easy to get wrapped up in work and months have passed before you know it – going forward one of my biggest goals is to spend more time with loved ones.

Whether it’s a quick phone call to say I love you or a couple of hours spent over dinner drinking wine,  laughing and reminiscing over good times. I think we all take people for granted and a lot of the time it’s never intended we just get caught up in the fast paced lifestyles of today and sometimes it’s nice to slow down and appreciate the finer things. 

A recent breakup really made me realise how lucky I am to have a great network of girlfriends and the most supportive family I could ever ask for. I wrote cards out for all of my girlfriends to thank them for everything they’d done for me, and I decided to put together some gifts for a couple of special ones that mean the world to me, just because it’s nice to be nice sometimes and let people know how much you value them!

My dad: where to start with this one?! My dad always has, and always will be my hero – we’re like two pees in a pod, from our looks down to our characteristics – my mum is forever telling me ‘ooooh, you so look like your dad when you do that!’. My dad is always the life and sole of a party, the one who never fails to put a smile on my face, but also the one with the golden heart who would do anything for his little girl (okay I’ll admit I’m a daddy’s girl!). 

Our house is currently being renovated so my dad is working 7 days a week and is feeling a little stressed and strained so I decided to make him a hamper of his favourite things including his favourite beers, some fun HJ Socks (which I know he’ll love for golf!), some Armani t-shirts for work as he likes to wear smart/casual attire and some Routine For Men dual action face wash and revitalising moisturiser as he’s a huge fan of their skincare!

My mum: ahhhhh, mumma bear! <3 The one who I can tell anything too (sometimes a little TMI she seems to think, but that’s what mums are for, right?!), my best friend and the one who never fails to make me laugh – especially when she’s drunk, hilarious! My crazy cat lady, older version of myself (albeit a wayyyyy shorter version!) – someone that deserves all the happiness and love, ever!

My mum has always loved a fresh bunch of flowers so I picked out this beautiful bouquet of bubblegum roses for her from Blossoming Gifts – I know these will take pride of place in our lounge and hopefully every time she looks at them she’ll remember how much I love her!

My BFF: OMG, my sassy sissy, ride or die, BFFL and princess – you’ve probably heard me speak about Amy so much (or seen her on my Instagram feed loads!), we’ve been the bestest of friends for the last 12 years and will be for the rest of our live I’m sure of it. We recently travelled Thailand & Malaysia together and I’ve spent some of the best times of my life with this girl, as well as unfortunately some of the worst. But that’s what best friends are for, a shoulder to cry on, the one who will pick you up when you’re embarrassingly drunk and the one who will save you from the basics!

Amy is currently training to be a MUA and I’m so incredibly proud of her I can’t begin to explain, it’s a dream she has always wanted but wasn’t able to achieve at one stage of her life, now she’s biting the bullet and chasing her dream. She’s amazingly talented (even though she doesn’t believe it herself – one of these days I’ll have to pummel it into her I swear!) but I know she’ll absolutely kill it in the industry (coz, she sassy as hell and all that!) – I’ll forever be your number 1 fan BBYGRL! 

I put Amy together a MUA starter hamper (I think it should look something like this anyway?!), of anything I thought she would find handy to have in her kit including some essentials such as baby wipes, makeup sponges, hair clips along with some Eco Tools / Real Techniques brushes as she swears by them and also the Rituals ‘Laughing Buddha’ products to help her relax!

Please don’t think this is something you always need a lot of money for as at the end of the day words are far more powerful and important than any gift we could give. If you want to surprise someone with a nice gift on a budget then why not make them a card (I found some amazing ideas on Pinterest here!), or why not put together a hamper like I did – you can pick up a great basket from Wilko, Tesco or Primark from as little as £5 and fill it with some wine, their favourite chocolates or some latest beauty treats from Superdrug! 

If you’d like to surprise someone with a lovely bouquet of flowers then the ones above are from Blossoming Gifts – they have some beautiful new Autumnal bouquets or if you’re hoping to opt for something more traditional why not go with a lovely bunch of roses! You can order some flowers by post and even use my discount code: BGIFTS33 for 33% off your order!

Have you surprised anyone with a lovely gift lately? What do you think of these gift ideas?

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  1. Lynda Y 12th October 2015 / 6:07 am

    Love your blog very! You always pull it off so well 🙂

    Lynda | DylanQueen

  2. Frey de Fleur 13th October 2015 / 2:43 pm

    Love this post Hayley. It's my friends birthday coming up so I will have to make a hamper like this for her x

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