Don’t Get Obsessed With The Target, Focus On Your Progress And Value It

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Last night I attended an event hosted by Rituals in collaboration with The School Of Life – the aim of the event was to figure our what happiness mean to us and to learn how to fit some ever important ‘me-time’ into our busy lives – which is where Rituals comes in as their products are known to be naturally calming and help to relax. I popped along to the event with two of my favourite girls Zoe and Megs and had such a lovely evening I wanted to share some of what we learnt with you all…

Our class was run by John-Paul Flintoff; a renowned journalist, author, coach and public speaker – he was such an inspiring man and I really agreed with so much he was saying it’s just hard for us to realise these points ourselves without someone telling us sometimes!

1.) Your decision in life is what makes your life valuable

2.) Ask what you want; if you don’t ask you don’t get

3.) Take notice of what you actually want rather than hurrying through life

4.) Allow yourself to be curious

5.) Don’t just be busy for the sake of it

6.) Give ourselves some time

7.) Allow yourself to accept the parts of yourself that you don’t love

8.) The only way to capture progress is to capture what is already done

9.) Don’t get obsessed with the target, focus on your progress and value it

I had such a wonderful evening and felt really happy and rejuvenated when I left – it’s so nice to have an outsiders prospect on life sometimes and it’s so easy to overanalyse and complicate things in our head, like turning things into problems when if you step back it’s not all that bad!

After a wonderful evening i’m really interested in the The School Of Life and would love to book myself into a class there! Also, our coach John-Paul Flintoff has written some amazing books so be sure to check those out if you’d prefer to read them from home. Don’t forget to check out Rituals and their relaxing ranges to help you feel more zen at home – my favourite range is the ‘Laughing Buddha’ which aims to brighten your mood with the fragrance of Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood.

Do you fit some well deserved me-time into your schedule? How do you do it?

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    • Hayley Rubery 7th October 2015 / 1:55 pm

      It was such a great event! I completely agree! x

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