On Sunday I blogged about my top 5 tips on how to run a successful blog which was really well received, one of the five tips was networking. I had a couple of comments on the post saying that they found it really hard to network with other bloggers and brands, so for the next two #TipTuesdays post I thought I’d break down my top tips on how to network, this week with bloggers and next week with brands – if you have any great tips please leave below so we can share as much advice as possible!

Twitter chats: Jump on as many Twitter chats as you can to make yourself know to other bloggers, engage in their conversation and share your blog links and posts. The #Bbloggers chat is one of my favourite which takes place every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm (GMT), each week there will be a topic floating about which bloggers can engage in conversation, it’s great to chat with like minded people who are so passionate about the industry – don’t be shy to get involved!

Hand out business cards: As I mentioned in my 5 tips on how to run a successful blog post, hand out business cards to as many bloggers as possible when attending events, I always keep mine and make sure I follow up by emailing or tweeting the blogger to say how lovely it was to meet them and that I’d love to stay in touch. Often I’ve stayed in touch and made friends with many bloggers this way!

Strike up conversation: If you’re attending an event and you don’t know anyone there (trust me it’s happened to me enough times and it’s so daunting!) but just approach some bloggers – maybe it’s a face you recognize or someone new and strike up a conversation. It can scary but most of the time we’re all in the same boat and hoping for someone to talk to as well, everyone I’ve ever spoken to has been super friendly you soon feel at ease!

Contact bloggers: If you have a question or inquiry you’d like to ask why not tweet the blogger (for a quicker response) or drop them an email, don’t always expect a reply quickly as some bloggers are extremely busy but it’s always great to introduce yourself. Whether you’re looking for some advice, or even if you live in the local area and want to meet them for a coffee, I find it’s always worth introducing yourself!

What are your top tips for connecting with other bloggers?

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  1. Jackie 23rd April 2015 / 1:11 pm

    These are such wonderful tips and I need to find some local bloggers in my area and it's nice to have blogger friends you can relate too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    • Hayley Rubery 8th May 2015 / 9:29 pm

      Ah thank you Jackie! <3 yes definitely see if there are – it's great to network with other bloggers! x

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