I think I speak for myself and 98% of the population when I say I love Instagram (slight exaggeration maybe, but we do all love it don’t we?!). There’s something about capturing picture number 8973476597246 of a door appreciation, the flowers outside Liberty’s or your FWIS (from where I stand in Instagram terms) and sharing it with your followers. 
I always keep a folder on my phone of any ‘extra image’ that I take whilst out so on days when I’m sitting at home in my pjs replying to emails (AKA watching Gossip Girl/ Twilight/ The Hunger Games) and eating Ben & Jerries I still have pictures to post to keep my channel active. I’ve decided to put together my top posts and some great ‘filler’ ones too for quieter days, here goes…
1.) #OOTD: Your outfit of the day – it’s always great to include popular hashtags such as #OOTD too.
2.) A makeup counter/store: If I’m in a department store or stand alone makeup store it’s always great to get some pictures of your favourite new collection/lipstick stand – I find MAC always goes down well. 
3.) Your desk/office set up: Because we all love to have a nosy as personal spaces like this and it’s a great place to get inspiration if you’re decorating your office space.
4.) ALL THE FOOD: Whether it’s your healthy breakfast, cute afternoon tea or hugeeeee burger dinner… everyone loves a #Foodporn picture!
5.) Quotes: I post the occasion positive/motivational quote but I love to post funny ones, I always screen shot any I come across then just #Regram them when I’m ready. I’m going to do a full post on who I follow on Instagram but @Sarcasm_Only and @Thefatjewish are hilarious!

6.) #FromWhereIStand / #TheDailyDown: A picture from your view of your outfit – this always works well if you have a great bag/shoes!
7.) What’s in my bag/makeup bag: A great insight to your handbag/makeup bag picks – I love these pictures and find they always go down well.
8.) Currently reading: I love reading and it’s always great to hear everyones recommendations. Stack up your favourite books next to a mug of tea and a candle and voila a great image!

9.) #TBT: Yes, show us that dodgy haircut/outfit you were sporting five years ago! I always like to do a throwback to a nice holiday/memory with my friends as it always makes me smile and shares an insight to my life with my readers.

10.) Latest launch/discovery: I love it when someone has discovered an absolute gem of a beauty product and wants to share it. Snap the latest beauty launch or your favourite MAC lipstick and show us!

11.) Home wear: I recently had a mini H&M home haul and took a picture of my recent finds which went down really well. Show us your latest purchases or the underdog store that sells amazing home wear that none of us had thought to look!

12.) Detox/healthy posts: It seems the whole world and it’s sister are on a post-Christmas detox so show us your latest juicing ingredients, what fruit infused water you’re drinking or your favourite healthy store to shop.

13.) Fragrance: what’s your current favourite fragrance? Take a nice picture against a white wall/ nice patterned background and you have yourself a nice little ‘filler’ post.

14.) Outfit details: Once I’ve posted an outfit post on my blog I take a look through the pictures to see if there are any great detail shots I can use. I recently posted a close up of some killer leopard print heels or a rose gold watch and both went down well!

15.) Cute houses/doors: This one is super easy – spot a row of beautiful pastel coloured houses or an Instagram door, then snap it and share it. The best places I’ve found for these types of pictures is around the Sloane Square/South Kensington area.

16.) #Flatlay: Post a flat lay of your favourite things whether it be your favourite new shoes, diary, watch, camera, nail polish – anything! I love to create a flatlay as they always photograph so well, I like to keep colour themes in mine so recently I posted one of my favourite things that are pink as it looks great together.

17.) Organising/planning: I’m forever at my desk replying to emails, making to-do lists and generally planning. I usually set up a picture with my drink – usually a green tea, my laptop and my diary/notebook with ideas and post that. 

18.) Makeup storage/brush cleaning: Having a day of clearing/re-organising your makeup storage – no matter how big or small, show us! If you’re spending your Sunday afternoon cleaning your brushes, post a snap so we can see what brushes you love – it will spark up interest and conversation!

19.) #NOTD: Show us what’s on your nails – pastel spring shades or a bit of glitter, we all love to see! *Nails of the day.

20.) Travel posts: I love travel posts! Off for a weekend city break or a 6 month adventure around the world – share your snaps along the way. Whether it’s a nice scenice image, the cute cafe you stumbled across or a tourist destination, we love to live through others so bring your pictures to life!
I really hope this post helps you generate some content ideas! I’m also going to put together a post on my tips for taking Instagram tips including the best apps to edit images and my favourite accounts to follow (told you I loved Instagram!).
Do you have any image ideas that I missed? I’d love to hear your top suggestions! 

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  1. Hayley M 4th February 2015 / 11:30 am

    I bloody love Instagram, I think I now have a full blown addiction! This is such a great post… will be stealing some of these ideas! 🙂

    Hayley xo | Sailor Stories

  2. Sinéad Danielle 5th February 2015 / 10:27 pm

    Such a great post – I'm always aiming to keep my Instagram active & growing as a kind of mini-version of my blog for people who don't do the whole blog thing. It's so difficult when you're stuck in all day and feel like you have nothing to post so I think the folder is a fab idea!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

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