Like the majority us of I spend far to much time browsing Pinterest lusting over luxe interiors, mermaid hair inspiration and perfect outfits (it’s not just me is it?) – and I recently put together this post  on marble finishes. I decided to give my room a little refresh and wanted to incorporate some marble somehow, I was browsing eBay and came across this Marble Self-Adhesive for £3.49 a roll and knew I had bagged a winner!

First of all I was just unrolling the adhesive and taking blog/Instagram pictures on there as it makes a wonderful background – but then I was looking at my Ikea MALM Drawers could do with jazzing up so I decided to add the adhesive on top (again, also great for blog pictures as it’s a flat surface!).

The procedure took me less than five minutes, here’s how:

– Turn the adhesive over (on the non-marble side) and place it against your surface of choice – mark out the edges of surface so you know where to cut to.

– Cut the adhesive down to the correct size. (I kept any leftover adhesive for blog props/pictures etc).

– Match two corners of the adhesive up on one end of the surface, then slowly unravel the adhesive to stick down. I was using one hand to pull the roll of adhesive to stick down, whilst going over the already stuck adhesive with a ruler to air out any bubbles.

Et voila, a new marble surface in under 5 minutes for less than £5 – who’da thought it, eh?!

Will you be trying this at home? I’d love to know if you go ahead and do it too!

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    • Hayley Rubery 1st February 2015 / 5:55 pm

      Thanks lovely, it's so handy and looks pretty! x

  1. Maria 5th April 2015 / 3:43 pm

    This is lovely! Just a question – if I have to take it off, do you think it will damage the surface underneath? I'm renting at the moment and I'm not sure how thrilled by landlady will be with a marble surface on her table 🙂 Other than that, great post! Love it when bloggers share the knowledge 🙂


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