Lush White Christmas

Lush White Christmas gift set – £73.95: This gift set is a little pricey at £74 but it’s the ultimate present for any Lush junkie, or anyone who loves bath/skincare products that smell incredible for that matter. In the set you’ll find some year round classics including Baked Alaska, Ocean Salt and D’Fluff and some seasonal favourites such as Rose Jam which is the most amazing shower gel that I look forward to purchasing at Christmas time!

You get 17 Lush products in this set including:

Baked Alaska ‘Citrus surprise’ soap, 120g

Reindeer Rock ‘Berry fresh’ soap, 120g

Snowman Jelly ‘Smells snow good’ shower jelly

Dirty Springwash ‘Minty fresh’ shower gel

Rose Jam ‘A kiss from a rose’ shower gel, 100g

Fair Trade ‘Get your feet in mint condition’ foot lotion, 45g

King of Skin ‘For skin that feels royally good, body butter

Snowman Kit ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

Ocean Salt ‘Scrub and soften’ face and body scrub

Sandstone ‘Sandy scrub’ soap

D’Fluff ‘Defluffed and delightful’ strawberry shaving soap, 45g

Ice Blue ‘Fresh and uplifting’ Soap, 120g

Lip Service ‘Soothed lips’ lip balm

Big ‘To make you feel like a mermaid’ Shampoo

Veganese ‘Lightly nourishing and soothing’ conditioner, 100g

Million Dollar Moisturiser ‘No expense spared skincare’ SPF 30

Dirty Toothy Tabs ‘For a clean and minty-fresh mouth’ toothy tabs

Would you love to see this Lush gift under your tree this year?

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