Today I’m delving into something a little deeper on FMIF that I never have before… beauty treatments. Waxing, tanning, hair removal, pedicures, facials, brow treatments, tinting and oh my the list goes on, it’s not easy being a girl and keeping on top of maintenance and sometimes it’s hard to draw a line between is it a necessity or a luxury?

Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a pamper evening, a good face pack, hair mask, nail painting session and all the rest of that jazz – but when it comes to beauty treatments some girls spend hundreds of pounds a month to maintain a certain level of beauty… and no boys we didn’t just wake up like this (unfortunately).

First of all I’m talking about LVL lashes which is a treatment to uplift and straighten your natural lashes. A few weeks ago Nicola from Chique Beauty contacted me about seeing if i’d like to trial the treatment, I had to admit I’ve never had any lash treatment before so I was a little dubious but bit the bullet and decided to go for it. I took my camera along so I could capture the process, here goes…

My eyelashes before the treatment using Benefit They’re Real – which is an absolute gem if you haven’t tried it, definitely my current fav!

I popped into the salon two days prior to my treatment to have a a patch test – make sure you do this as it’s such a sensitive area, my best friend was allergic to it and she now isn’t able to have them done. When I arrived at the salon I had a consolation to see what lift I wanted to go for, the options are small, medium and large – I went for a medium lash as I didn’t want to overdo it and still wanted them to look natural. Under eye pads are placed to keep your bottom lashes tucked out of the way during the treatment, a shield is then placed on your eyelid and my lashes were fanned out and bonded to it.

Once my lashes had been separated LVL Lifting Balm was applied, followed by volumising lotion – both were left on for roughly ten minutes. My lashes were then tinted and the process was complete, all in all the treatment time was around 40 minutes from start to finish. There was no real aftercare, I was told to leave my lashes for 24 hours for the tints and treatments to properly take (try not to get them wet in the shower during this time) but after that I was able to apply mascara if I wanted or if my lashes got wet they would just go straight back into place once dry.

P.s this isn’t a lash perm… LVL stands for Lift, Volume, Length – you learn something new everyday!

Here’s some pictures of my lashes just after the treatment, my eyes were a little sore and were streaming for what felt like forever – hence why my lashes were so wet. But you can see from the picture just how well the treatment had worked, my lashes were honestly so long and curly – it was strange getting used to them at first, you know that feeling of when you first apply false lashes and it feels really foreign – it was a similar feeling! The picture below was my lashes after two weeks of the treatment and the curl is still really prominent, the treatment lasts from 6-8 weeks and I honestly can’t tell you how nice it’s been wearing no mascara to work for the past few weeks! I was so happy with the results of my lashes, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I honestly didn’t expect them to look good considering there was no fake lashes involved.

As my lashes have started to drop a bit more I’ve been applying a small amount of mascara for nights out but still going mascara free which means 5 extra minutes in bed… result! Is this treatment a necessity? At £35 a pop I think this treatment is great value for money considering how long my lashes have lasted, however paying £35 every two months is just over £200 per year and it’s definitely not something I’d be able to commit to as It’s more of a want than a need. I’d 100% get my lashes done as a treat, if I had a special event to go to, perfect for ‘no makeup’ lashes on holiday but this for me would have to be a luxury.

Here are some other treatments that I have previously had done or would consider…

Teeth Whitening: This is always something I’d love to have done and have looked into, Blue Sky Dentist offer some great rates if it’s something that you’re interested in but when most practitioners offer treatments from a starting price of £400 it’s hard to commit to. Boots offer lots of slightly more purse friendly options that can be done from home and include whitening kits, strips and toothpastes which is something I’d definitely look into and would love to hear if you’ve tried anything that has worked.

HD Brows: My best friend is a fully qualified HD Brows stylist and it’s something I have done as often as I can – usually every 3/4 weeks. I feel nothing quite defines your face like a good brow and it’s something that I always try to keep on top off – again, it’s not a necessity but always a treat that I always love having and would encourage others to look into as you won’t look back.

Hair Removal: I did a post a few months ago on my journey with the *Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X here, I’m still in the process of my treatment and will report back when it’s completed but so far it’s so good. Even though purchasing a Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X will set you back £375 it’s a one off payment and it will save you hundreds of pounds on laser hair removal treatments in a salon. If hair removal is your thing then I’d definitely recommend investing in one. 

What treatments do you consider to be a necessity or a luxury? Is there anything I need to try?

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