two in Paris consisted of:
A trip to the infamous
Galleries Lafayette for a browse in the most beautiful shopping plaza I’ve ever
been too (yes, it is as amazing as you’d imagined and yes, if you are planning
to visit Paris you need to go!) –
also make sure you go up onto the roof as the views are incredible!, I then
walked via the Opera to Angelina’s bakery which was recommended to me by
several people (it’s awesome!), I picked up some macaroons then sat in a park
by the Louvre in the sunshine to eat them, followed by a trip to the Louvre
(and absolute must), I then took an afternoon stroll along the Seine stopping
by Love Lock bridge to leave a padlock for Rob, then a trip to Notre Dame which
was a definite holiday highlight – it’s so beautiful. I finished the day off
with some pasta and wine in a little restaurant (seeing a pattern occurring here?
I love pasta and wine, okay?!) before heading back to my hotel and
crashing out!
Taking in the beauty of Galleries Lafayette,
strolling through the parks of Paris in the sunshine eating macaroons (how cliché!),
seeing the Mona Lisa – amongst various other incredible pieces including Napoleon III Apartment which was a dream, standing on Love Lock bridge thinking about
how much I can’t wait to take Rob back there and show him our padlock, walking
around Notre Dame and taking in all it’s amazingness, the feeling of a comfy
bed after the longest day walking
Really, really
underestimating Primark sandals (double ouch), realizing there was so many
amazing things to do in Paris and so little time – another trip is definitely
on the cards for me!

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