With Halloween creeping upon us (excuse the pun) I thought it was about time I cracked out my Ghostly Treats Yankee Candle for an evening of pampering before the big night. This Friday I’m off to a Halloween party that’s being put on by Rob’s tattoo studio – I’m going as a day of the dead skull and I can’t wait! The next few days are quite full on so I thought I’d have a mid-week pamper session tonight consisting of a hot bubble bath/double date with this amazing candle, a little fake tan and some kind of nail polish party.

This candles scent is toasted marshmallows so it’s quite a sweet smell but one that I find really relaxing all the same, a medium Yankee Candle cant last 65-90 hours which is incredible and makes this candle at £13.59 a pop so worth it! Yankee Candle offer various other Halloween treats such as Witches Brew and Candy Corn which I’m intrigued by!

Have you tried this candle before? 

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