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Lately I’ve been changing up my skincare
quite a bit, every once in a while my skin gets too used to the same routine
and doesn’t quite have that glow anymore so I find mixing up my skincare
routine really helps. The past week I’ve been using the Body Shop Vitamin E
range and I’ve found an amazing difference in my skin. My skin is so oily and
spot prone, I really suffered with break outs through my teens and even now if
I’m having a ‘I just want to eat all the chocolate’ days, my skin takes its
revenge on me.
When it comes to skincare I’m always drawn
to the ‘great for combination/oily/blemish prone’ skin products – and whilst
they are my holy grail – and they really do help keep my skin in check,
sometimes it’s nice to go for something a little different. This Body Shop
range is a really hydrating range for all skin types, so I decided to give it a
whirl and here’s what I found…
*Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask: This had to be my hero
product that I tried from the range, I loved
it! I have to admit, I do love a good facemask and this one didn’t disappoint.
The texture felt strange when applying as it’s a cream mask and I’m so used to
clay/mud masks where you whack them on and let them dry out (and crack every
time you laugh/smile) so I was a bit apprehensive about this one as I just felt
as if I’d applied some moisturizer. But I pursued and washed it off ten minutes
later, my skin felt so, so soft and radiant. The following night after applying
the mask I went out for the night and my skin was so fresh and glowing I was
really impressed.
*Vitamin E Eye Cream: This Eye Cream was probably my second
favourite product that I tried as it was really soothing (perfect for the
morning after my night out when it was really
needed!). I really don’t use eye cream as often as I should (and trust me
when I say it’s often, I get the worst bags when I’m tired!). I’m going to pop
this one in the fridge and use it in the mornings to brighten up my eyes and calm
any puffiness.
*Vitamin E Hydrating Toner: I found this toner really gentle
and soothing when applying it to the skin, and would recommend it if you’re
looking for an affordable toner as it’s a great one. Although, toner has to be
the one step of my skincare routine that I’m likely to miss out, as I don’t
find it that crucial but I try to fit it in on a daily basis.
*Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash: This facial wash was also
really lovely, it was more of a creamy texture when lathered rather than a foam
which is nice and it didn’t feel to harsh on my skin. I used this after
removing my makeup to get rid of any excess and it left my face feeling super
clean, I popped on some night time moisturizer after and my skin felt really refreshed
the next day when I woke up.
you tried any of the range? What’s your favourite?

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  1. Megan Hunt 30th September 2014 / 8:30 pm

    I love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop! The mask is my favourite product, I find it really hydrated and it definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. xo

  2. Sabrina Babo 30th September 2014 / 9:16 pm

    I love this toner too, it's so good to travel with too

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