This weekend I’m off to VFestival with Pringles (in celebration of their new speaker launch – they are
so cool, once you’ve eaten your tube of Pringles you just attach your speaker
to the top of the tube and it acts as a speaker… genius! If you want to find out more about that then
check them out here – If you buy two packs of Pringles you get one free, I won’t
share any pictures or go into too much detail as I’ll be able to get some
amazing snaps of the speakers in use that weekend so y’all have to wait until
next week for that I’m afraid!).
Anywho, I’m super excited! I’ve
not been to V Festival for about 5 years, I went twice when I was at college
but it feels like a lifetime ago now so it will be fun to go back. I’m most
excited to see Justin Timberlake (sure there will be several fan girl moments
there!), Ed Sheeran, Lily Allen, Sam Smith, Rudimental and so many more!
I thought I’d put together a post
on what makeup I’m packing for V to give you some tips on what to pack for a
festival if you’ve never been before. I wanted to keep my packing quite light
as one of the things that reluctantly sticks in my mind from V is that the
camping seemed miles away so I’m packing as light as possible! I picked up this
really cute Je T’aime makeup pouch from Forever 21 the other week and love it,
it’s great as it’s flat so I can slot it down the side of my backpack – it’s
also a good size for a festival makeup pouch as it doesn’t allow you to over
pack makeup but only take necessities.
So my must haves… when picking
my choices my first reach was the Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray, it’s always
good to brighten your skin a little and prep it before applying makeup
(especially when your skin gets tired and dull during a festival). Secondly a
good base is key and I opted for the Body Shop All-In-One Instabur Universal which is an amazing all new face perfecter which helps shine control, reduces the appearance of pores and also helps hides blemishes – the best multi-tasking product!
Admittedly, I did pack a
foundation and a BB cream as I like to have a choice – for me a BB cream is
always a winner if it’s going to be a hot day (which I hear Saturday is meant
to be nice), this Estee Lauder Double Wear BB cream also has SPF 30 so it will
protect my skin against the sun (always put suncream on too though!). The
Double Wear BB is my all time favourite as it offers such great coverage but it
isn’t too heavy and doesn’t clog up my pores, I will forever re-purchase this
stuff as it’s pretty much my holy grail!
My logical thinking of taking
two bases was that on Sunday it’s not meant to be as hot so something a little
thicker and more durable wouldn’t go a miss, the reason I also selected the
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation was becase, well it wakes up my skin! And
garaunteed that Sunday morning my skin will need a little extra TLC so this is
also coming along with me. On the whole brightening up my skin note, I’ve opted
for the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand which I love as you pump the
highlighter from the bottom then just run the highlighter across your
cheekbones and brows and it can easily be blended with your fingers to save
packing extra brushes.
I didn’t want to go too heavy on
my eye makeup as I always tend to smudge it when I’ve had a few vinos and that’s
never a good look! I’ve packed a
Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Eyeliner in ‘Black Chocolate’ (The
range is incredible and I’ll be blogging about that next week so stay tuned!).
This pencil is great as it’s really pigmented so I can create a feline flick with it if I’m feeling a bit daring or just smudge it in with my finger for a
more smokey look. Also for eyes, I’m packing the new Urban Decay Subversion Primer and Urban Decay Subversion Mascara which are an amazing duo (only when used together though as I’ve
found the mascara takes forever to dry if you use it on it’s own). This mascara
always gives my lashes a high impact look so I don’t feel like I necessarily
need any other eye makeup, if you are looking for a volumising mascara I couldn’t
recommend this one enough – I’ll do a full review on them soon so you can see
the before and after results on my lashes.
As for cheeks I absolutely love
the new Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm – I decided to pack shade ‘Plumped Up Peony’ as it’s a lovely rosy
pink. These chubby sticks are so perfect for festivals as you don’t need to pack a blusher
brush, just draw it on and blend the colour in with your fingers, you can also
double up and use it on your lips too if you fancy, multi-tasking at it’s
finest I say! For lips I opted for one of the new Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in ‘Poppin Poppy’ this is
a really noroushing balm and the finish is really sheer with a hint of peach.
One of the kind of balms you can apply without needing a mirror you know
(perfect when drinking at a festival!). I’ve also opted for the LOreal Paris GlamShine Glam Matte Lipgloss in ‘Cherry Crop’ in shade as this is probably my favourite matte lip product ever! I’ve also recently had my hair dip
dyed pink and this shade seems to match perfectly so it would have been rude to
leave it at home!
So there we have it my festival
makeup guide, I hope it’s helped if you’re unsure on what to pack. I would
stick to the rule of trying (and I use that term loosely as I can’t even stick
to it myself) to take one of everything but it’s always good to have a couple of
lip options, or eye options if you’re more of an eye girl. Follow me on
Instagram @Frockmeimfamous to stay up to date with my weekend at V and I’ll be
back with a full report on what I got up to next week.
What are your festival makeup must haves? I’d love to know!

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