The restaurant & view…
Our amazing meal…

What we ate…

Appetiser: soft bread with bread sticks and pumpkin dip

Pre-starter: some sort of chicken concoction (of course I didn’t write this one down, sorry! haha)

Starter: soft shell crab, parsnip puree, honshimiji mushroom, lemon truffle aioli & chive oil

Main course: teriyaki duck with sweet potato, baby turnips, macadamia nut and lychee gel

dessert: graham wafer and chocolate charred marshmallow and smoked vanilla contrasted with passion fruit

Taking you way back to our first week in Thailand, me and Rob took a trip to the Six Senses resort in Koh Samui for the dining on the rocks experience. I’ve decided to save this blog post until last as our evening was just so amazing, I’ll never forget it. The Six Senses resort is located in Bohput right up on the highest point on the island which was around 20 minutes from our hotel so we grabbed a taxi there and back so we could enjoy a drink. 

When we arrived we was taken to our table and bought over a citrus cocktail selection of warm bread and bread sticks with pumpkin dip (never tried it before but it was delicious!!) while we looked through the menu and decided what to eat, there was so much choice trust me when I say it took a while! After we had ordered our meal we was bought out a pre-starter which was with compliments from the chef, it was some sort chicken concoction (he said what it was too quickly so I didn’t get a chance to write it down haha) but it was super yummy all the same! 

We both opted for a three-course meal where you tailor your own dishes rather than a set menu, me and Rob both went for the soft crab to start as we’d both never tried it before and was apparently feeling adventurous that evening! We ordered some wine to go with our meal and I was seriously impressed as they match your wine to each individual course as they know what works well with what dish, how crazy! To start with we were both bought out a glass of Italian white wine to go with our starter and it complimented the dish perfectly. I was overwhelmed by how good the crab was, as I said me and Rob had never tried it so we was taking a bit of a gamble but it was so delicious!

For my main course I chose the teriyaki duck, again I wanted to chose something that I wouldn’t normally go for and it was so good! Rob went for beef and again our wine was matched to our courses and we both had red wine but different types, I never used to like red wine but I’ve truly been converted and it’s a perfect ‘dinner drink’. The restaurant was one of those where you have small meals but each dish is bursting with the most incredible flavours that just melt in your mouth, I had sweet potatoes, baby turnips and macadamia nuts with my duck – you’d never think to put them all together but it just worked so well. That’s when you realise that this restaurant is a different level of amazingness altogether and the chefs know food better than food knows itself! 

I chose the ‘campfire’ for dessert which was a mixture of wafer, chocolate brownie, marshmallow, smoked vanilla and passion fruit – one of best desserts I’ve ever eaten, it was so nice to have a small amount of everything as you can try a bit of this with a bit of that, you know? Each mouthful was just bursting with the most incredible flavours and was unlike anything I’ve ever had before!

This meal was hands down one of the best that I’ve ever eaten in my life, the head of staff came to introduce himself to us and each staff member ensured that we had everything we needed throughout our meal and were constantly bringing out drinks and keeping our water topped up for us. The meal was amazing and I really enjoyed eaten five small courses as it was great to have a taster of each dish but we still walked away feeling full up after our meal (although Rob did try and drop a joke about going to McDonalds afterward but I let that one slide!). 

This resort is a must for anyone visiting Koh Samui! The ‘dining on the rocks’ experience is so perfect for a special occasion or a real treat night out as it’s not cheap. Talking of romance someone actually proposed to his girlfriend whilst we was having dinner and it was so sweet! If you’re looking at making a reservation at the resort then you can do so here.

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*Thanks to the staff at Koh Samui resort & the marketing team for making our visit so enjoyable!


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