Last week me JulieJoanna and Sabrina all headed to the Radical skincare vision board event and it was such a good evening! I knew that Radical founder; Liz Edlich was hosting an inspirational talk but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and I was genuinely surprised at how much I loved the event and I felt like I went away having learnt something.
I’m always one for a wee bit of inspiration/motivation and am forever posting quotes on my social channels as I feel sometimes they spur me on to do more and really keep me inspired. So, when Liz was giving her amazing motivational speech I was all ears, It’s always great to hear other success stories and believe that you can do anything that you put your mind too!
After Liz’s speech we were all set up at our own stations where we had a tonne of magazines, some foam board and loads of yummy food and champagne to keep us going so all that was left to do was to crack on and make our own ‘vision board’. It was nice to sit back and think what do I want on my vision board? What do I see myself doing in life? It’s always nice to take a moment to reflect and my board ended up being pretty much 70% travel (are you surprised though?) with a splash of fashion, beauty, as well as relationships/love as I see my future with Rob. 
It was so fun creating our vision boards (even funnier when Julie stuck a dish washer on hers – nothing like dreaming big eh love? haha!) – I also ripped out an image of a hunky man to get Sabrina motivated  although she wasn’t quite feeling it and was more struck on finding an image of Kim K for her ideal body inspiration. My favourite events that I attend are the ones that I’ve engaged in something and it was great to take our vision boards away… as soon as my office space is finished it will be the first thing I put on my wall! Here’s a little quote from Liz to inspire your evening…
“Believe in the unbelievable to make the impossible possible” – Liz Edlich, Radical skincare co-founder.
What keeps you motivated?

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