Instagram prints/block prints & photo journal all via *Photobox

1.) Remember your holiday: There’s nothing that I love more than looking back at my holiday – even when I’ve just come home. So the first thing I did was log into my Photobox account where I got myself some prints ordered, I opted for 30 Instagram prints (I always like to use Instagram snaps as it feels like the highlights from my holiday), 3 Instagram blocks which will be going on my bedside table and a photo journal. The photo journal was something that I’ve never ordered before but really love the idea of, I linked my Instagram account up to photo box and just selected which images I wanted my journal. It then leaves space underneath so you can put any comments to remind yourself of the place/date etc (it’s also a really lovely idea for a gift as you can write your memories underneath).

I wanted to get lots of pictures printed because as much as I will always treasure my memories from our amazing holiday it’s always so nice to have a few sneaky pictures planted in your room so you every time you look at them you remember what a lovely time you had. I’m going to pop my Instagram snaps up around my room and maybe even create a collage out of them.. who knows! 🙂

2.) Keep busy: I was quite lucky when I came home as I was super busy with work and my blog, we arrived home late on the Friday evening and by the Monday morning I was back at work. As I’d been off for three weeks there was lots to do for me when I returned which I was happy about, I also work from home two days a week on my blog and as you know by my #Thailandtravelseries I had so many posts to plan and share with you all!

For anyone that’s just returning from holiday (be it a week or six, we all still get the holiday blues) my key piece of advice would be to keep busy. Indulge in a hobby, hit the gym or keep yourself busy with friends and family to keep your mind of that golden beach with the clear blue skies and 35 degree heat *le sigh*. I’m sure I’m not the only one but we all seem to be guilty of getting ourself into that mindset on our last few days of holiday of ‘back to reality soon’ and it’s something I feel that needs to change as it’s already putting negative thoughts into our mind before we’ve even stepped off the plane – don’t get me wrong no one wants to come home from holiday (well I never do anyway) but it’s so much better to focus on the positive things to come home too and that way it doesn’t seem so bad. 

3.) Look forward & get planning: I do love a good holiday/outing or even something to look forward to such as festivals, gigs and girly nights out so pretty much as soon as I’d gotten over my jetlag I found myself planning away for our next trip or adventure. I think it’s always important to have something to look forward to as it makes those grey Monday mornings getting up for work at half 6 seem worth while! Thailand was our big holiday this year but as it was quite early on in the year we want to get some other trips booked in so we can look forward to those, we’re hoping to do a couple of city breaks as we can fly from a local airport with easyjet for around £50 return which is perfect.

Hopefully we’ll visit a couple of places in Europe or even the UK for short weekend breaks away and we’re also hoping to do Reading festival this year as I’ve never been and would love to. I’m planning on doing a couple of local festivals and gigs with my girl friends as it always nice to get the diary padded out and get looking forward to new adventures 🙂 

This was my last post in my #Thailandtravelseries and I really hope you enjoyed it and it helped you battle those holiday blue! Do you have any tips for fighting post-holiday woes that I should note?

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  1. Ana Leote 21st April 2014 / 7:56 pm

    I can totally relate to this! When I got back from Fuertventura with my senior year class, we all experience some deep sadness for not being there anymore. We had a blast and it was over which also meant that the last year of high school was coming to an end and soon it will all be different! It was really sad but for those last weeks together we made the most of it and we got over it.

    Funny thing is, most of us when we get together we think a lot about that week and how we would love to get back someday!
    But yeah the key thing here is to keep your head occupied!


  2. Rosie W 8th May 2014 / 1:02 pm

    I struggled really badly with holiday blues when we got back at the beginning of April, and I am still getting over it. I placed my Truprint order at the weekend and ordered some Instaprints too, so when they have arrived I'll get set on my scrap book. Most importantly – I've booked our next holiday 🙂 (Not sure if you'd be interested, but I'm just starting to write up about San Francisco and Las Vegas on my blog if you'd fancy a visit) x

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