Shade 04 ‘Peach Club’…
Shade 01 ‘Personne ne Rouge’…
Shade 08 ‘Grand Cru’…

As soon as these beauties landed on my doorstep I was so excited to try them, when a product gets hyped in the beauty world I’m always so eager to try them for myself. Safe to say that this is a product that 100% lives up to the hype, I’m seriously impressed with these lipsticks. They come in 8 different shades so it’s perfect if you prefer a more neutral lip or even a bold one. 
I’ve been trying these lipsticks for just over a week now so I could get a feel of how they last, I wore shade 08 out on Saturday night and my girlfriends complimented me on how nice the colour look. I was super impressed as the shade stayed on all night and I only re-applied once, when you first apply it feels so smooth and soft – quite a few velvet products I’ve tried always tend to dry my lips out but these ones really don’t which makes them keepers in my eyes! I opted for shades 01, 04 and 08 – here’s a little thought on each shade…

Shade 04: This shade was quite a bit lighter than I expected it to be and at first glance I really wasn’t sure I’d like it on or if the shade would suit me. I was actually really surprised at how much I did like this shade on and I think it’s great for daily wear. It’s got a real peachy hue to it and is a great shade for Spring so I’ll be getting my wear from this shade!

Shade 01: I thought this red would actually come out darker than it does as it has a slightly rose pink tint to it, I’m still a huge fan of this shade and think it’s a great day shade if you’re looking for a little glam. I can personally see myself wearing the other two shades more but this one will be stashed nicely in my Muji storage waiting for the perfect occasion.

Shade 08: My favourite of the three shades as it’s such a vibrant red with a lovely darker hint which makes this product a perfect shade for evening/nights out. I love the vampyness of this red and was really impressed at how pigmented the colour was, it lasted for so long even through a night full of drinking and was only re-applied once. Winner!

Which shade is your favourite? Have you tried these yet?

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  1. - Karen 23rd April 2014 / 1:13 pm

    So glad to read these aren't drying! All 3 shades suit you SO well! 🙂 x

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