Day 1:
250ml of Alpro almond milk
2x large scoops of Whole Earth peanut butter
2x small bananas
– Probably my favourite smoothie as I love peanut butter (I think I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff, it’s just so good!) I think if I was to make this again I’d only use one banana as I felt the taste was quite overpowering with two. Someone also recommended to me that this smoothie is great when the banana is frozen too so that could be a good shout!
Day 2:
250ml Alpro almond milk
5x large strawberries chopped up
1x medium handful of raspberries 
1x medium handful of blueberries
– You can’t really go wrong with a berry smoothie as it’s so refreshing and I love all of the ingredients individually so all together it was a great combination!

Day 3:

250ml Alpro almond milk
1x small orange
1/2 an apple
1x small handful of raspberries
4x large strawberries chopped up

This day was a kind of throw together a few things and see what happened but I was actually quite surprised at how nice it tasted, the apple and orange added a really nice flavour to the smoothie and I found this one was actually one of my favourites.

Day 4:
250ml Almond Alpro milk
1x large banana
6x large strawberries chopped up
– An old classic but one of the best smoothies going, strawberries and bananas just work so well together and this smoothie was no excepetion. It’s super easy to use as their is only two ingredients so a great one if you’re on a budget. 
Day 5:
250ml Alpro Almond milk
1x large banana
1x large handful of blueberries
– I wouldn’t of thought to make this combination but I used to work in a cafe and we sold this smoothie so I thought I’d give it a whirl and actually really enjoyed it. I’m not a huge fan of blueberries but this one really worked and the outcome was yummy!

Day 6:

250ml Alpro Almond milk
1x medium handful of chopped mango (I bought mine already chopped)
4x large strawberries chopped

– Mango probably has to be one of my favourite fruits so I thought I’d try a mango and strawberry smoothie,

 Day 7:

250ml Alpro Almond milk
1x large banana
1x medium handful of chopped mango (I bought mine already chopped)
1x medium handful of chopped pineapple (I bought mine already chopped)

– I was really looking forward to this one as I thought it would be quite different from the previous ones that I’d tried, however I really didn’t like it that much! Once the pineapple was blended it was still quite stringy and the consistency of the smoothie wasn’t very nice. I think next time I’d try replacing it with maybe a kiwi or apple.

So, thats’s a wrap kids! I completed my 7 day challenge with Alpro where I had to create a different smoothie everyday, I really enjoyed taking part and it was a great health kick before I headed off to Thailand (as you’re reading this I’m probably in the air somewhere – oh the joys of scheduling blog posts!) I also posted my images to Instagram too where I was getting loads of great feedback and recommendations.

I was having a smoothie for breakfast every morning then having a healthy snack at about 11am, I’m not a huge breakfast person but found that the smoothies really filled me up for the morning. If you prefer to have a big breakfast to start your day then try switching it up by having your smoothie mid morning/afternoon. The Alpro almond milk is great for making smoothies as it tastes nice and is also only 26 calories per smoothie which is nothing so it’s great to use if you’re looking to loose a bit of weight or to stay healthy. I really hope you’ve all enjoyed my smoothie posts and I’d love to hear if you made any and what you thought! If you’d like to find out more on Alpro, then you can do so here.

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  1. Sophie 13th March 2014 / 8:31 pm

    It was me who said about the frozen banana hehe 🙂 all your smoothies look and sound amazing! I really want to try a banana and strawberry one mmm.
    Hope you're having the best time in Thailand! xx

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