Sunday roast // Late Christmas present to myself –  Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual // Pizza Express date with my babe Caitlin // Cute desk at the antique shop // Organising my dressing table // Inspirational quote // Poached eggs & fruit tea for breakfast // ‘Mayfair Lane’ Nails Inc polish

So this week my Instagram is looking like I’ve done nothing but eat (and while I’m not going to deny it haha) I have started my healthy eating plan. I lost 5 pounds this week and was super chuffed – although I’m 99% sure I put it all back on this weekend as I had a roast dinner, some wine and pizza… oops. It’s still nice to see the weight coming off as it gives you a confidence boost, I’m on a mission to loose just over a stone and am going to be blogging about what I’m eating soon. On weekdays I’m really strict and at weekends allow myself treats as it doesn’t seem such hard work then and I’m getting the best of both worlds.

Me and Rob had a really lovely day strolling around some antique shops and then stopped off at an amazing country pub for a Sunday lunch – I’m fully aware that this makes us sound like we are in our mid 60’s it was a really nice relaxing day. I picked up a crate from an antique store for blogging so that will be featured soon, although Rob can’t quite get his head around why I buy stuff to make pictures look nice haha.

I’m currently loving Nails Inc in shade ‘Mayfair Lane’ and have it on my nails now, it’s the most amazing pastel pink shade and it’s also one of their gel effect polishes so I’m hoping it lasts the week!

Hope you’ve all had a good one?

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  1. Juliet Hall 20th January 2014 / 9:24 pm

    Ooh I really want that Bobbi Brown book! Looks amazing.

  2. frankie alex 21st January 2014 / 10:27 pm

    The realTechniques brushes are great! love the so much, use mine all he time

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