Images: Luke Archers S/S14 collection De L’Ocean, photography by Ian Cashman

Afternoon lovelies! A few weeks back I wrote a post on my decision on going to university and how it has changed my career and also helped my blog. If you haven’t read my post you can do so here – my blog post was in partnership with Middlesex University as we wanted to show how degree courses can better your future.

In the second part to this blog post I have an interview with Middlesex-graduate-come-fashion-designer Luke Archer. In February Luke even won joint title of Alfa Romeo Young Designer of the Year 2013 which he can now add to his achievements!

I’ve picked out some key questions from the interview in which Luke explains his inspiration for the collection, when he started designing and how he see’s his future shaping up. I found this interview really inspirational and it’s just more proof that university really can help your career. In no way am I saying people should study as I completely appreciate that everyone learns in different situations, just that university helped me focus in on what my strengths were and has benefited me today. Middlesex has a great range of designs courses, you can see the fashion course here for more details. 

What was your motivation for your new SS14
I’m always inspired by the natural world,
particularly animals. For this collection, the focus was specifically on
colour-changing ocean animals, looking at cephalopods such as octopus and
The starting point was looking at their skin cells;
the way they change colour and expand to create interesting patterns. I
combined this with other sea life for motivation throughout my collection.
One example is the sea walnut, which almost have
hair on their bodies and nearly transparent skin. I used colour-changing ink to
represent these effects and give a glow to the clothing. I also used
translucent materials, combined with digital print and intricate beading, to
create the same expression as their bodies.     
When did you start designing?
I started out on an art design course and, even
though I appreciated textiles, I was more focused on graphic design. In the
second year of my course I got specialise and originally was going to focus on
graphics, but I was persuaded by my tutor to take textiles as my speciality.
It was the best decision I’ve made and it became
almost an obsession. I went on to do a foundation course and then to Middlesex
University to do my BA. I don’t think it really clicked until I left Middlesex
and then the whole process fell into place. This collection was a chance to
show how I’ve developed as a designer. 

What are your aims for the future?
I’d like every collection to be bigger and better
than the previous. Progression is really important for me as a designer and to
show as part of London Fashion Week would be such an achievement. We have some
potential collaborations coming up for the next show, which I can’t say too
much about, but they are really exciting opportunities. I’d like each
collection to keep growing every year, keep the standard high with additional
funding, and develop season upon season. The ultimate dream would be to show in
Paris in front of my peers. 
Hope this has inspired you as much as it did me! 🙂

*This post was in partnership with a brand, all words and views are my own*

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  1. Beauty By Emily 9th October 2013 / 10:03 am

    I am so proud to of worked with Luke on his SS14 Collection catwalk doing Make-up! They were amazing outfits and a great bunch of models to work with!

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