Birthday Wishlist

Kindle: Amazon, A Beautiful Mess book: Amazon, White stand alone mirror: Amazon, Bag: Mulberry ‘Lily’, Tinted moisturiser: NARS via Selfridges, Black buckle boots: NEXT, Leather look t-shirt dress: Topshop, Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume: Fragrance Direct, Yellow blazer: Topshop, Floral printed top: Zara, YSL Matte lipstick in shade ‘Rouge Rock’: YSL, Animal print bag: River Island, Printed trousers:  River Island

Afternoon beauties!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I’m in a super good mood today as I’m off to the airport around 5pm for a week in Corfu with my boyfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend… SO cant wait for a week of sunshine and cocktails! Whilst I’m away I’m going to be taking lots of holiday outfit pictures so make sure you look out for those when I return, I’ll also try and upload some pictures to Instagram too! (@frockmeimfamous – if you’re not following me)

Anyway… it’s my birthday in 9 days and I’m super excited! It will be so nice to come back from holiday refreshed and ready for my birthday, I haven’t really got any major plans yet. Hoping to do a spa day and nice lunch with my mum in the day then I’ll go out with my best girls for dinner that evening. I’m going to be attending LFW the whole weekend of my birthday so I’ll postpone the partying until the weekend after, thinking of hitting up Fabric in London as I’ve never been and it’s meant to be so much fun!

I though i’d make this weeks wishlist a little different and make it a birthday one! 🙂 – like I said it is just a ‘wishlist’ hence the £795 Mulberry bag on there, a girl can always dream though right?! I’ve picked some key pieces from my favourite high street stores; Topshop, Zara, River Island and Next that are great transitional pieces to carry me through until winter. I’ve also picked out a couple of key beauty bits such as the NARS tinted moisturiser, YSL matte lipstick (how beautiful is that colour?!) and Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs as it’s also nice to refresh your beauty selection at birthdays!

I’ve recently started an internship in London so a kindle would be so ideal as they are super lightweight and I can keep all my books in one place rather than carrying them in my bag. The other day I also hit the dilemma of finishing my book and my phone battery run out so I had nothing to do for an hour, it was quite nice to just switch off for a bit, but with a Kindle I can delve straight into another book! I’m also a fan of creative books and this beautiful mess book looks really interesting! I love using the app on my phone so it looks like a great read!

I’ve also wanted a stand alone white mirror for so long for my bedroom and this one is only £47 from Amazon which I thought was really good! It’s quite a basic one but you can always jazz it up with wrapping some cute fairy lights around the frame!

P.S I absolutely love everything on this wish list, although my family and friends know me so well they always buy me such amazing stuff! So if any of you are reading this, it’s just a few items I really love but I’m always happy with whatever I receive 🙂

What’s your favourite item from my wishlist?




  1. Sophie-Marie 6th September 2013 / 7:50 pm

    So excited for you, a trip to Greece with friends sounds heavenly! I think I like the leather dress the most, although your whole wishlist is delightful!
    Happy birthday, in advance!

  2. claire (jazzpad.) 8th September 2013 / 1:28 pm

    Ohh if I miss you, have a wonderful birthday babs! That leopard print clutch is perfect 🙂 <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. IsabelBeatrice C 13th September 2013 / 11:46 am

    I love your blog!
    – You have yourself a new follower!


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