(Styling and photography by me in my first year of university) 

Afternoon lovelies, hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! I have the day off from my internship today and I’m blogging away like a mad woman as I have so much to catch up on especially my LFW posts so I’m sorry for the bombard of blog posts coming your way this weekend!!

During my first year of college I was so determined not to go to university… I’m not sure why but I was just so focused on the fact that I wanted a job and was going to work my way up. Fast forward a year and I’m not entirely sure what happened but after several applications at interviews I found myself in a car with all my belongings about to embark on a new section of my life.. at university! I chose to study Fashion Media & Promotion as it was something that I always wanted to pursue. 

I’ve always been interested in the PR and marketing side of fashion but I chose an open course that allowed me to learn so many different skills. We studied journalism, graphic design, styling, photography, marketing and so much more which is great as I felt I got the most from my course. Photography was always something that I felt interested in and it was only around 2 years ago when I started my blog that I found it came in handy.

I started a blog in my first year as it was manditory to my course but I didn’t enjoy it as I knew I ‘had’ to do it so I ditched that idea. A year later when I had some spare time on my hands I decided to start a new blog so I could share my love for fashion, beauty and rambling with you lovely lot! Photography is a key part to my blog and while I’m the first to admit I’m no Nick Knight, my course taught me some great foundations on how to get a good shot. 

If you have a blog or not but are interested in fashion then Middlesex University have a great photography degree which should be checked out! It’s a great location on the outskirts of London and a well established university (One of my best friends went there and absolutely loved it!!) The course isn’t fashion based so you can take any approach to photography when on the course, but from my perspective it opened doors that I never thought imaginable when I first started out on my degree.

Making the decision to go to university can be a tough one and seems really daunting just make sure you check out all courses when you apply and weigh up the pro’s and con’s but I have to say that I don’t regret it for a moment as I learnt so much and made some amazing friends! If photography isn’t really your thing then Middlesex do offer a wide range of creative courses including Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Styling, Illustration and Art & Design so be sure to check out there full range of courses here to make the most of your options.

Hope this post has helped anyone making the decision on attending university! 🙂 



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  1. Shaz De Vos 20th September 2013 / 3:17 pm

    Really helpful post hun thanks 🙂 I'm in two minds whether to study or not, I dropped out last year but that was after a month as the situation was right at the time for me. Its abit more a harder decision whether I should start again next year as I'll be a mummy so have to take that into account if I will really stick to it!

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