This week i’m loving: photobox

*Photo notebooks (£4.99), *personalised Iphone cases (£21.99 for an Iphone 5 case), *photo blocks (£12.99 for 5×5). 
A while back I was contacted by Photobox to see if i’d like to review some personalised products and I jumped at the chance, I love anything personal… who doesn’t? I chose some of my favourite pictures for my Iphone case, theres one of me and Rob, me and my best friend Amy and one of me and my beautiful blogging buddies Jazz & Amy. Along with a couple of standard Instagram picture… cupcakes, kittens and cocktails! They have several different layouts to chose from for the Iphone cases and I picked one with a mix of small and larger images, it was super easy to create and i’m really happy with the final product!
I created a collage using Photoshop of my favourite Instagram images for my notebook then added the text; ‘Blog diary: @Frockmeimfamous’. I wanted this notebook to be solely for blogging, planning upcoming posts and ideas and to be honest, i’ve used it everyday since it arrived! I love being organised when it comes to blogging! Anyone who knows me will know that I have the memory of a goldfish so it’s perfect to have everything written down in one place for me.
The photoblocks that I chose are square which is perfect for Instagram images, I chose one of me with each of my three best friends; Amy, Sam and Hayley. I currently have these in my bedroom by my TV, I love having photos and memories planted around my room as they always make me smile! 
When I uploaded my images from Instagram (it’s dead easy as you link your Instagram account to Photobox then pick them all up straight from there) it told me my photos were only of a medium quality so when I ordered them I was slightly wary of the quality. However, when I received the prints I was surprised at how good they were, if you’re looking for professional prints then make sure you pictures are the highest quality, but as mine were picked from Instagram they look great!
Have you ordered any personalised products from Photobox?



  1. Virgos and Kisses 14th August 2013 / 9:06 am

    mi Like! I need to get a blog diary! my life is chaos right now! is your diary hand made? or a store bought x

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