southend to berlin: the flight

Flying from London Southend to Berlin with Easyjet

Last Sunday me & Rob headed off on a city break to Berlin for a few days, we decided to fly with budget airline; Easyjet. We flew from London Southend airport which is only about 10 minutes away from where we live so it’s much more convenient than flying from a London airport! 
I have flown with Easyjet before to Ibiza & Amsterdam and have always been pleased with the service,  the flights are cheap, the check in has always run smoothly and the service offered has always been great. You definitely get a better service than what you pay for! I have no problems in flying with low cost airline, I know some people prefer not to but for me if it gets me from A to B then i’m going to take the cheapest option, seems silly not to really?
The flight to Berlin was only around an hour and 20 minutes long, on the way there we had seats together and flew around lunch time. We grabbed a Starbucks hot drink & muffin on the plane for lunch which cost £3.60 for both which is quite reasonable I think! Our check in service was really efficient, for anyone that has flown from Southend you will know that it’s such a small airport you get whizzed through security in no time and before you know it your in the boarding lounge!
There was about a 10 minutes delay whilst waiting to board our plane which is nothing major as i’ve been delayed for around 8 hours before and it’s so horrid!! Our flight was really smooth, I quite enjoy flying so I just got stuck in with a new book and we had touched down before you know it! 
On the way back me and Rob had separate seats as we checked in separately, however the air stewardess was so lovely and could see that we were together and offered us new seats next to each other by the exits. In the exit seats you get more leg room and can always ask to move there as long as you are comfortable with helping the staff in case of emergency. 
Here are some images from the airport and waiting to board our flight (this is always the exciting part that I love!!)…

Boarding our flight

Duty free shopping

Leaving the miserable English weather behind for a few days!!

Easyjet fly to so many amazing destinations all over the world such as Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam and many more!! If you’re planning a holiday then I definitely recommend that you check out the low cost airline, you can also book your hotel with them too!

Have you flown with Easyjet before? What was your experience like?



*I received a complimentary press seat for this flight, however all views are my own and I have flown with Easyjet before.*


  1. Sara Smith 2nd July 2013 / 12:51 pm

    Easyjet is a dream compared to Ryan Air!! I always try to book with Easyjet before I even think about looking into other options. Glad you had a nice trip!


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