next: new store opening in camberley

Hope everyone is making the most of the lovely sunshine today!! I’ve been sitting in the garden sunbathing whilst reading ‘I Heart New York’ which i’m absolutely loving at the moment! Just come indoors to write up about the amazing trip I went on last week to see the new store opening of Next in Camberely, Surrey. 
I got invited by the girls at Next to see the new Next ‘home and garden’ store, I knew straight away that I just had to see this store, and boy it didn’t disappoint!! Now when I say I got lost several times I’m not joking, the store was so huge!! We spent a good three hours in there and it felt like only half hour had gone by, there was so much to look at! There was womenswear, mens, childrens, home, kitchen (Next sell actual kitchens which I never realised!!) bathroom, garden and so much more!! I was wondering around filling my bag up with goodies and occasionally bumping into a lovely blogger who would be like ‘where have you been, we couldn’t find you?’ haha, it really was so easy to get lost!!
The store was everything I expected and more, Next takes store design seriously and I loved how it looked! Everything was so classy and chic, and so beautifully laid out!! If you found a dress you liked in store there would be some shoes and a necklace near by that would go just perfectly, or if there was some bedding that caught your eye right next to it would be some cute heart pillows and a floral throw. The layout of the store has been so well thought-out and just seems to flow perfectly!
I really enjoyed my trip to the new store, it was so worth getting up at 6.30am and driving through M25 rush-hour traffic just to see it! – I really mean that and I really did get up that early and drive through traffic… crazy! After the store visit me and the girls where whisked off to Wheelers which is Marco Pierre Whites restaurant, it was so yummy! There are even some drool worthy snaps of what I had 🙂
Here are some snaps from the day! (Sorry this post is pretty picture heavy, this was even after I had chucked about 50 pictures, there was just too many good ones!)

Wheelers restaurant  

Lunch: Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan shavings & truffle oil 

Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake (obviously) 

Hope you liked the pictures from the new store!! Which part of the store is your favourite?

If you follow me on Instagram (@frockmeimfamous) you will see that I posted lots of pictures on the day as well, follow me for more updates on events! 🙂



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