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I know i’m jumping on this bandwagon slightly too late but i’ve decided to get fit and whip my summer body into shape, it’s so easy to put on a few pounds yet so hard to shift it and to get motivated! Me and my best friend have decided to join ‘Results with Lucy‘ together to get fit. I’ve just graduated from university so money is a bit tight to be spending £40+ a month on a gym membership, this website is just £12 for a month and it has loads of great workouts to try.

I started my first ever workout this morning and it was so tough but really fulfilling, I feel like I need to get back on track with my shape! I’ve taken a before picture and am going to post one in 4/6 weeks times to show development, it’s also really great to take a before picture so you can see how far you’ve come! I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately too, i’m not a dedicated ‘eat clean’ eater yet but just swapping little things and cutting down portion sizes makes a real difference. 

I’ve take some snaps of what I’m wearing to train in, I was contacted by M&S about reviewing some of their sportwear and as i’ve been needing a kick up the bum for a while to get fit I thought maybe it was fate haha. I chose this amazing leopard print sports bra, they come in bra sizes rather than clothes sizes so they fit like a dream! I’ve bought cheaper sports bras in the past when I was a gym member but you can so tell the difference, it’s one of those things thats really worth investing in!

M&S do a great range of sports bras that are all really affordable under £25! I chose this one because I thought it was quite fun for sportswear rather than being plain, the extra thick straps are great for support whilst working out too! The ‘Active Performance’ leggings I chose are now reduced to £12.50 which is a great price, I would recommend them to anyone as they are such a snug fit! They are also really high waisted so they are much for flattering! I also hate it when your working out and your leggings fall down it’s just not practical… ugh!

I’ve been training at home this morning in the comfort of my lounge (with the help of my 3 kittens running around me haha!) so the backpack is just to show how I would style this outfit when out. I do love backpacks as they are great for the gym and it’s also festival season too so this gem will definitely come in handy!

If you’re a fan of M&S sportswear then you can check out the rest of their collection here.

Have you bought any sportswear from M&S recently?




  1. claire (jazzpad.) 26th July 2013 / 11:49 am

    I never would have looked to M&S for sportswear but love the look of these, especially the trainers! Good for you for getting fit, it's so motivational hearing lots of my blogger pals going for it. ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

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