Instagram round up #2

(left to right) : picnic for mine & Rob’s 4 year anniversary, Maybeline colour show neon polish, a picture I posted of me & Rob for our anniversary, sunbathing with ‘I Heart New York’ book and some fruit, my amazing blow-dry I had at the Michael Van Clarke salon, drink holders, sunbathing with Charlie, Heart in the Park festival with my BFFs, festival outfit, Costa lunch in London, OOTD, treats from Next.

Evening lovelies!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine, I’m absolutely loving it!! I’m currently sitting here blogging whilst Rob is cooking me dinner, he even bought me Ben & Jerrys… got him well trained 🙂

Here is just a quick catch up of what i’ve been doing for the last few weeks, I’m going to try and do an Instagram round up on a weekly basis now as I love to show you a quick in sight of what i’ve been up to. I’ve got lots of press events coming up this week so make sure to follow me for updates! You can find me on: @frockmeimfamous 🙂



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