Berlin: Night 1 – Grand Hyatt Hotel

The Grand Hyatt hotel, Potsdamer Platz
If any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@frockmeimfamous) you will know that me and Rob have spent the last few days in Berlin. We touched down in Berlin around half 4, after nearly two hours of getting lost and trying to navigate the train system we finally arrived at the Grand Hyatt Hotel which is located in the Potsdamer Platz, in the heart of Berlin.
We were SO thankful to have finally arrived at the hotel and were so hungry! We had a table booked at the hotels restaurant called Vox for half 7 so it gave us around an hour to check in, grab a quick shower and get changed before heading to dinner. 
From the moment we entered the hotel the service we received was out of this world! Once we were all checked in, the receptionist gave us a map and told us all the best places to visit on our stay and even marked out where they all were and told us how to get there. We decided on a walk around Tiergarten park, visiting the war memorials and a few museums. We also just wanted to have a wonder around the city to discover the shops, culture and great restaurants. 
We headed to the room and both were so impressed by how amazing it was, we had a huge comfy bed, sliding doors for our bathroom, a wet room for the shower, a TV in the bathroom (I know right?!) and we also had electronic blinds operated by a button on the bedside table which was pretty cool!
I won’t go into to much detail on the restaurant – Vox, as I’m going to write a separate blog post with drool worthy pictures to accompany the post, but all I can is that it was the nicest meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. EVER. 
Overall, we had the most amazing stay at the Grand Hyatt hotel, everyone was so welcoming and really went out of their way to ensure we got the most from our stay. Although the hotel is slightly on the pricey side I would recommend it to anyone, the location is so central, you get breakfast included with your stay and it’s worth every penny – you really get what you pay for at this hotel!
Have a peek at some pictures of the hotel…
 The reception & lobby 

 A sculpture on our floor
The worlds comfiest bed EVER. 

Gorgeous floor length windows over looking the city
Bath & wet room for the shower

The view from our hotel room  

 Getting ready for dinner

Off for dinner

I’m currently putting together my post on the restaurant and will publish it tomorrow for y’all. (It’s making me so hungry just looking at the pictures!!)

If you’re looking to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin you can book a room here.

Have you ever visited Berlin or stayed at the Grand Hyatt hotel?



*I was offered a room at the hotel in exchange for blog coverage. However, all views and opinions are my own and this was genuinely the nicest hotel I have have ever stayed in!!* 


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