My experience at the Urban Retreat Spa – Harrods

Evening lovelies! 🙂

Hope everyone has had a lovely today? If you follow my Instagram them I’m sure you know that I’m a sucker for some nail art, when I got an e-mail from the Urban retreat Spa at Harrods asking if I wanted to come down for a ‘nail art manicure’ I was over the moon!

I met the lovely UR team during fashion week at an event, I had a back massage and my hair done by the team. I was really overwhelmed by how lovely everyone was and they were all extremely passionate about their jobs and professional. 

So I took a trip to the spa this Thursday, as I entered Urban retreat it was huge which so many different sections for beauty, hair and nails I was completely lost but a member of staff spotted me right away and kindly showed me how to get to the nail loft. 

Once at the nail loft I was checked in and I met my manicurist – Chloe, we clicked straight away and chatted the whole way through my manicure. UR offer ‘Original Sugar Manicures’ which I went for, I decided to go for this gorgeous pastel pink shade as I’m really loving pastels right now. There was an option to have a manicure with the small decorative balls which I chose or you could get feather effect nails which also looked great but I thought the balls were slightly more practical. 

The manicure from start to finish took just under an hour – which flew by with giggles and gossip! I was so pleased with how my nails turned out, I genuinely couldn’t stop looking at them on the way home and started to attract some strange looks in the end as I was snapping away on the train!

I still have my manicure on my nails now four days on, the Leighton Denny polish has barely chipped and still has a really great high shine. 

Some of the small balls started to come off after around 2 days, especially in the shower and at the gym etc. I think the sugar manicure would be great to have for a special occasion if you needed your nails to look beautiful for the evening but it’s not practical for everyday wear. However, the Leighton Denny polish has lasted really well, they have a great range of colours so if you haven’t tried the brand then go have a look! I have the shade ‘Mine’s a Rose’ which is a really love pale pink and really love it!

Overall, I was really impressed by the service I received at the spa and my manicure, I would recommend the experience to anyone and am already saving up to go back! 

Have you been to the UR at Harrods? What’s your favourite nail art look right now?



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