Afternoon beauties!
Yesterday I was lucky enough to pay the Michael Van Clarke salon a visit for a ‘Diamond Dry Cut’ experience. I had a dry cut as well as a style, I can’t tell you how happy I am with my new hair (you can probably tell from the cheesy image of me grinning sporting my new do!)
When I arrived at the salon, it was breathtakingly beautiful! I signed in at reception, my coat and bag was taken for me as I sat down to fill out a short form with my details (as it was my first time visitng the salon.) The staff at the salon are extremely professional and you won’t ever be waiting as they take great pride in offering the best customer service.
Within a couple of minutes I was introduced to Gustav – a Senior Stylist at the salon who would be doing my hair. Gustav was great, he sat me down and we had a 5-10 minute chat about how much I thought I needed cut off my hair, then he told me how much he thought I would need so we could compare and agree on a good length. I actually thought I needed more often than Gustav suggested, however the last few hair cuts I’ve had have just been trims so I thought it was about time I had a ‘proper cut’ and decided to have a good couple of inches off.
Gustav suggested adding some layers and making my hair slightly shorter at the front so it framed my face. I don’t know about anyone else but I always feel really nervous about going to new salons/hairdressers in case they don’t quite get what you want or ending cutting wayyyy to much off! However, I felt so comfortable with Gustav, he really talked me through what we were going to do and asked what I wanted to achieve from my new style so we could really understand what it was I wanted.
After we had established the cut I was going for, I was taking to the basin area where Gustav’s assistant wetted my hair down for me. Even this experience was highly enjoyable as I sat in a chair that reclined and massaged me at the same time… I know right?!
Gustav then blow dried my hair so he could begin my dry cut. He started by taking around 2 inches of the ends all the way round, then he gradually added some layers in and styling my hair around my face more. I really want to grow my fringe out into a middle parting but we both agreed my fringe isn’t quite long enough for that yet so that’s going to be a work in progress. For now we decided to keep my side fringe and just take a tiny bit off the ends to help it grow.
To style my hair Gustav used a wand, he wrapped my hair around the wand in various ways to create different curls such as a barrel curl, a 1920’s style finger wave and also a beach curl. He said it’s great to mix the curls up so that once my hair is styled it will give it an extra depth of volume by mixing the curls up. The wand was super quick I was really impressed, Gustav suggested the BaByliss curling wand which he has in his personal collection and retails for around £50 so I’ll definitely be investing in one for this summer as they are so versatile!
Once my hair was styled I grabbed a couple of pictures of the finished look (see below) then i was taken on a tour of the salon so I could check out the beauty rooms, as well as the colour specialist department of the salon. The salon is very spacious and beautifully layed out, there is a hugeee shelving unit with products which are available to buy in the salon, I stood dreaming over these for a good few minutes! They offer various treatments in the salon including manicures using OPI and Essie. *swoon*
The salon has recently launched the ‘3 more inches’ collection, the products feature a unique cashmere protein and amino acid blend which helps the hair grow faster. At the salon I was given the shampoo, conditioner and pre-wash treatment which I am so excited to try, Gustav said he swears by the products and recommends it to all of his regular customers. I will be trying the products in the next few days and blogging about how I found them really soon! *dashes off to try products*

If you want to try the Michael Van Clarke salon for yourself – which I would highly recommend if you are looking for a re-style as the process is so thorough! Here is the link to the website where you can find treatment and prices. 
Here are my images of my time at the salon and my new hair!…
My hair before my Diamond Dry cut…

Gustav working his magic!

Ta-da! My new hair! 🙂

The salon…

Products available to buy at the salon…

Printed press coverage for the salon…

‘3 more inches’ range…

Essie heaven at the manicure bar…

Awards for the MVC salon…

The Michael Van Clarke salon was the most professional and beautiful salon that I have ever visited, let me know if you have ever visited the salon as I would love to hear about your experience! 

I absolutely love my new hair style, what do you think?




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