Winter Care ‘cream’
The product…

Winter care cream boots*

I really loved using this winter care cream, the consistency is quite thick which is perfect for repairing dry skin in the winter as I often suffer with dry, cracked skin this time of year. I found that the product wasn’t greasy as some thick creams that I have previously used are quite thick and don’t soak into the skin very well.
This products is only £3.29 which I think is great value, I would definitely re-purchase this product as I think it’s really great value for money and it’s a great cream!
This Winter Care Cream is now available exclusively in Boots and would make a great stocking filler 🙂

Winter Care ‘nourishing body lotion’ 
The product…

Winter care nourishing body lotion*

First of all, I have to say this product smells amazing!! I was so excited to try it after a hot bath the other day and I wasn’t disappointed! This product left my skin feeling super smooth and soft but again wasn’t greasy or too thick.

This product is great for a weekend or holiday to keep your skin hydrated and the bottle isn’t too big so it will be great to pop in the suitcase and I can see this product being a real life saver after a little too much sunshine!

This moisturizer is only £3.99 per bottle and is also available now exclusively to boots! 🙂

Have you tried either of these products? What’s your go-to winter lotion?



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