Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 🙂 Now a wishlist is a post that I have done a couple of times on my blog, but never one thats usually this high end (Mainly because I’m a student.. but a girl can dream, right?) However, lately I have been lusting over some gorgeous designer goodies and wanted to show you my top picks!

1.) This Mulberry Ipad case is so beautiful! The colour is the main thing that attracts me to this case as it could brighten up a rainy day 🙂 The quality of Mulberry products is amazing and I would say well worth the money- although I am yet to purchase my first piece! Also.. it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m buying an Ipad with my birthday money so I have a serious crush on this case right now!

2.) So, I’m not a massive lipstick person but I’m really loving the whole ‘berry’ trend this winter especially when it comes to make up. I think I may have to brave it and join the cult! This Tom Ford shade is the perfect colour, so tempting!

3.) I am yet to try out a Bobbi Brown nail varnish, but what better way than to purchase this gorgeous colour! The shade ‘twilight night’ also drew me to this nail varnish as I am a massive twilight/ vampire geek! 🙂

4.) *Sighhh* how beautiful is this skull bracelet? I am loving the grunge/gothic look that is set to hit this winter and this bracelet is the perfect arm candy! I must admit this bracelet is a little above what I would be prepared to pay for jewellery as I said previously I am a student, but there s no harm in window shopping 🙂

5.) I am a massive fan of McQueen scarves but feel the skull scarf has been slightly over worked now? However, when I came across this gorgeous pink silk rose scarf it was purely love at first sight! The colour is perfect to brighten up any winter outfit.

6.) Wow.. these KG wedges are to die for!! As soon as I found them I immediately showed them to my best friend and she to fell in love! I find wedges so much comfier than regular heels so these would be perfect for a night out plus they hit two key trends in one- studs and neon, result!

7.) I have read a lot about this Essie polish from other bloggers and heard really great reviews so far! I have to admit it is a lovely colour and Essie polish is always a dream to use. Seriously considering purchasing this one?!

8.) I absolutely love this Paul Smith floral t-shirt! I could see myself wearing this in the day for a more casual look with some wet look leggings but then its so transferable it would look perfect paired with some skinny jeans and pointy toe courts for a night out. One word-  perfection.

9.) Wildfox is a brand that I adore! They always have the cutest slogan t-shirts and they have a really feminine feel which is me all over. I am a massive fan of oversized/ slouchy t-shirts as they are perfect for lazy days and shopping as they are so comfy! Cute and comfy, what more could you want?

10.) This Mulberry purse is so amazing! Although on the pricey side I have been told that Mulberry products are always worth the price paid as it will last you a lifetime! I absolutely love this purse and it will be purchased with my first pay check.. but for now I’ll just have to dream about it!

What is your favourite item from my wishlist? What would you purhcase from Harrods?



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