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C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser

This is a
gentle facial cleanser, mild enough for all skintypes, that can be used every
day to help achieve beautiful,healthy-looking skin. This citrus-scented gel
cleanser contains Jojoba/Beeswax beads and a stable form of vitamin C, which
provides a thorough cleansing. It also contains Orange Peel extract and Lemon
Peel oil to help balance sebum production while enlivening the complexion and
Ylang Ylang for softer, smoother skin.

since I have returned from Thailand this daily facial scrub has been my go-to
product! After 6 weeks of traveling my skin was looking a little dull and
needed some TLC so I have been using this scrub every day or two to revitalize
my skin. 

is a great product that I would highly recommend anyone to include in their
daily skin routine, it also smells amazing!!
C Face Quencher

on Radiant C Face Quencher to instantly cool and refresh water-starved skin.
It’s a refreshing, fragrant, burst of moisture that acts like a natural
“air conditioner.” It’s water-based so it won’t harm hairstyles or
clothing, and it actually helps make-up stay fresher-looking.

This product is
ideal for your handbag as it instantly refreshes you on a hot day and is
perfect to carry around! I took this product to Fuertuventura with me and found
it great to keep me cool whilst sun bathing! 🙂

C Daily Skin Booster

C Daily Skin Booster is a gel-cream formula that helps improve the skin’s
texture and helps to brighten dull, tired-looking skin. Use it every day under
make-up, to help minimise the potential effects of external influences. Radiant
C Daily Skin Boosterdelivers the antioxidant power of vitamin C directly to
the skin for a healthier and more radiant appearance.

would go as far to say this product was a life saver whilst traveling, I rated
it in my top 4 holiday products on Instagram and wouldn’t travel without it
every time I washed my face I applied this booster gel and my skin felt so
refreshed! I have naturally oily skin so I’m often wary of testing out new
products in case they give me spots but this gel has a silky feel as you apply
it and doesn’t feel greasy at all so it would be perfect for all skin types!
size of this product is great as I carried it in my make up bag but it’s nice
and compact so would be handy for a handbag moisturizer if you travel a lot.
Herbalife products are sold through independant distributors and not in store.
If you are looking to buy any products that I have reviewed then visit the Herbalife website and they will
direct you where to buy them! 🙂
I want
to thank Immediate PR for sending me these products to review and take
traveling with me! 🙂
* Any
products I review I always give my honest opinion as I want my readers to get
an honest review of anything they are looking to buy. *
Let me
know if you have tried any Herbalife products or what your holiday essentials


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