Five minutes with: Olivia from
Olivia has encountered a huge amount of success through her blog, she is the face of the new Miss Selfridges campaign ‘Project 2’, her blog was awarded the title ‘Best new fashion blog’ in the 2011 Cosmopolitan blog awards and has over 3,000 followers across various media platforms.
I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Olivia for a magazine article I put together for a university project. I love Olivia’s blog and found her answers really inspirational being a blogger myself.
I really enjoyed interviewing you Olivia, thank you so much for your co-operation and help! 🙂
If you haven’t already checked out Olivia’s blog, you can view it here.
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1.) Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
Ooh everything and anyone! I love reading other blogs (especially street
style ones), magazines (Grazia, Nylon & Company), people watching and the
people that surround me are always a source of inspiration. Also having music
and baking on my blog, recipes and gigs also provide me with some really cool
2.) Do you intend to transform blogging into a full time career upon
graduation? If not, what would you like to work as?
Not at present. I love and am truly grateful for all of
the opportunities blogging has presented me with, but I don’t think
it’s something I’d like to go into as a full time career at present. I’d love
to go into either writing (maybe for a magazine?) or styling, but would never
cut off blogging as a career- maybe one day! I’d just like to get a more full
on experience, opposed to working for myself at first.
3.) How did your blog get picked up/ become so well known?
I still find it surreal that my blog is regarded as ‘well known’, as it
was only this time last year I was writing to about 14 (very loyal!) readers! I
suppose it’s a combination of perseverance, networking with other
bloggers and the amazing Cosmo Award I won last year! I still find it hard to
believe people enjoy reading my waffle and seeing my awkward poses!
4.) What is it that makes your blog different from others so that people
want to read it?
I don’t really know. I like to think I try to combine a little
‘something extra’ in my blog. Like, opposed to keeping it simply
based on fashion, I like to combine recipes, music and photography making it
perhaps a little more interesting? I’m not sure though- you tell me!
5.) Does it put a lot of pressure on you to write knowing that so many
people follow you/are interested in your blog?
Yes and no. I obviously feel the need to post good and engaging content
knowing that I have such a dedicated following, but at the same time I’d never
post something as a ‘filler’ post or just to post for the sake of it. I’d
rather post something really good when I feel like it, instead of something
half hearted just to please people.
6.) What is the most difficult situation that blogging has put you in?
 I don’t think it really has. I’ve been really lucky with the readers
and people I’m contacted by, and have never had to really deal with anything
that testing. 
7.) What is the best freebie that you’ve ever been given/ event that
you’ve been invited to due to blogging?
 Oooh this is a toughie! I don’t think I could single out anything
in particular, as I count everything I’m gifted with as something lovely, and
am really grateful for anything I’m given. The Cosmo Blog Awards was
probably the best event, as it was one of my first and allowed me to meet some
of my favourite bloggers for the first time which was so
exciting/nerve racking!
Hope you enjoyed my latest blogger interview with Olivia from! 🙂
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    Thank you sweet! I know me to, her blog is amazing! X

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