Sale shopping ♥

First of all..
Hope all my readers had an amazing christmas & new year!!
Sorry I haven’t posted in forever, been working pretty much everyday over the christmas holidays!- and now I finally have some time off.. I’m ill! sucks to be me!
So, you all know how much of a bargain hunter I am so I thought i’d share my January sale treats with you all! ♥

Skull scarf, from a boutique
RRP: £7.99
Sale: £4
Wolf vest, Topshop
RRP: £22
Sale: £12

Chunky cardigan, New Look
RRP: £27.99
Sale: £14

Peace vest top, Republic
RRP: £16.99
Sale: £5

Knitted snood, Republic
RRP: £14.99
Sale: £5
I did buy some more bargains but they seem to have been engulfed amongst the mound of clothes in my bedroom- and for those of you who know me will know this is true!
So I shall blog about them at a later date 🙂

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