Got that christmas feeling! ♥

So i had a little venture into town today on the hunt for birthday presents when these beauties caught my eye!.. I get SO easily distracted!! 
I want to invest in a cute christmas jumper this year!- you know the one with a reindeer or fair-lisle print that makes you want to go skiing/snuggle up in the warm watching christmas films/drink hot chocolate!… ahhh 🙂
anywho, i came across these three gems in TK Maxx and though i’d share them with you!…

 Brand: Gharani Strok London
TK Maxx price: £22.00 (sale down from £29.99)
RRP: £150!! 

Brand: Gharani Strok London
TK Maxx price: £16.99
RRP: £115

Brand: Cherry Couture
TK Maxx price: £16.99
RRP £39.99
This one was my favourite! it was so super soft as well 🙂
I’m SO excited for christmas this year!
I watched The Holiday the other day to get me in the christmas spirit! Although my housemates drew the line at Elf and said i have to wait until November to watch that! Hmphhh 🙁
ALSO.. I’ve been on the hunt for some nice silver jewellery at the moment and stumbled across a sale in Dorothy Perkins and picked up these bargains…

Earrings: £6 reduced to £1!!

Ring: £6.50 reduced to £1!!.. i love it!
Enjoy 🙂


  1. Isabel Rose 20th October 2011 / 8:30 pm

    love those earrings, I love sale bargains!

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